What's more relaxing and serene than sharing the coziness sitting around a fire with someone? Real Fyre is dedicated to making that experience beautiful, convenient, and pleasurable. For over 65 years, Real Fyre has pioneered natural looking gas fireplace products and prides themselves on continuing to provide the most breathtaking hearth experiences possible.


Why Gas Fires?

Being able to enjoy a fire at the touch of a button, without hauling and storing firewood or cleaning up messy ashes, makes the pleasure completely hassle free. Gas fires are safe, they save money and are more environmentally friendly. It's all the enjoyment of a fire, minus the nuisance of a wood burning fire cleanup.



The Real Fyre Difference

Many of Real Fyre's gas logs are individually hand painted by artists and craftsman who have been mastering their artistry for generations. Real Fyre offers more than 40 authentic styles of Gas Logs, each being exceptionally stunning. Beyond the realism of the Gas Logs, Real Fyre products are made of the finest materials and are engineered to perform for many years to come. Real Fyre's unique assembly process allows for a better fire from a durable log set.

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Best Warranty in the Industry!

Real Fyre offers limited warranty for their different Gas Log sets.

Learn more about the warranty here:

Real Fyre Warranty Info

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