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Hestan Gas Grills Offer The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Hestan Gas Grills Offer The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Hestan has an excellent reputation in the culinary industry after pioneering nonstick cookware and producing award-winning commercial kitchen products. The creative brand continued their dominance in the culinary world by bringing a new level of performance to the backyard with their outdoor cooking products and grills. They have also changed the game for home kitchens with their innovative cookware. Their artistic team of engineers, chefs, designers, and vintners have reshaped the culinary experience.

The Hestan Brand Name

After laying the groundwork for nonstick cookware in the 1970’s, Hestan founder Stanley Cheng turned to commercial kitchen products, and the rest is history. Since then, Hestan has changed the culinary experience by producing handcrafted cookware that achieves chef-level results, reinventing the restaurant kitchen with innovative commercial products, releasing award-winning wines from the family-owned vineyard in Napa Valley, and creating smart cookware and apps to help you become a better cook at home.

Hestan also offers the best in outdoor grills and kitchens that modify the way you grill in your backyard.

They have worked alongside some of the greatest chefs to reinvent the way we cook with innovative and award-winning technology and ideas.

When it comes to cooking in your outdoor kitchen, Hestan has you covered with their Aspire by Hestan and Hestan Outdoor models.


Hestan Outdoor Model

The team of engineers, designers, and welders at Hestan have experimented, innovated, and created the most resourceful grills available. The Heston Outdoor model is for cooks who have an obsession with perfection.

The Outdoor model is much more than just a grill though. Outdoor living suites can accompany the grill to feature refrigeration, wine storage, pantries, doors, and drawers to transform your patio into the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

The Hestan Outdoor model grills can be built-in or freestanding. The built-in grills come in a heavy duty performance design that has won various awards.

Some of the exceptional features include Halogen stadium lights under the hood, a Trellis Burner that delivers 25,000 BTUs, and an infrared top-burner for searing and finishing.

The freestanding Outdoor models come installed in your choice of cart configurations and is equipped with many of the same features as the built-in grills.

Hestan Aspire Model

Every Aspire grill is proudly made in California from superior-grade steel that is weather and salt resistant.

Refrigeration, storage and clean up, and other accessories can be added to an Aspire model grill. The precision power from this grill will only fuel your obsession for backyard grilling. The Aspire by Hestan comes as a built-in model to be added to your cart choice.

Aspire by Hestan built-in grills are equipped with two 20-watt halogen bulbs located in the grill’s interior, a heavy-duty stainless steel burner that delivers 23,000 BTUs, and a spring-assisted hood.

One series of the Aspire models also comes with a rotisserie along with flip-to-clean ceramic briquettes and an infrared sear burner to help lock in those delicious flavors.

Differences in These Models

Both of these Hestan outdoor gas grill models create innovative ways to enjoy an outdoor kitchen, but they have distinct differences to fit your grilling needs.

The Hestan Outdoor model is available in many different colors than the Aspire, but all finishes are powder coated on high-grade stainless steel to outlast the elements.

One of the biggest differences is the Outdoor model can be built-in or freestanding, and it can also be paired with more accessories to create the perfect outdoor kitchen.

The Outdoor model is one of the most powerful and reliable grills on the market to feed your desire with being the best on the grill.

The Aspire model comes with fewer features to create a more affordable option but still offers the power and innovation that Hestan provides.

Why Choose Hestan


    • Highest quality culinary products on the market.
    • Leads the market in innovation
    • Powerful and reliable grills made in the USA.
    • Stainless steel construction that is weather and salt resistant
    • Motion activated under-hood lighting
    • Diamond cut grates for easy removal and cleaning.
    • 25,000 BTU burner to deliver the perfect sear
    • Outdoor Living suites that transform backyard patios into outdoor kitchens
    • Warranty programs that can’t be matched


Hestan takes pride in creating the highest quality culinary products including grills. Everyone at Hestan is a perfectionist, and they have constantly worked to create the best grill for those who love to live the culinary lifestyle. The team strives to provide thoughtful innovation built around the way that chefs actually cook. This is why they have produced some of the most luxurious items in outdoor cooking and home kitchens. All of their grills are proudly made in the United States, and they offer one of the best warranty programs that features lifetime warranties on parts such as grates, racks, and burners.

The Outdoor and Aspire model grills are unlike any other grills on the market. Heston outdoor gas grills are more modernized and equipped with features that other grills just don’t have. Dual halogen lighting, 304 stainless steel burners, spring-assisted hoods, DiamondCut grates, and infrared top burners are just a few of the amazing features that set them apart.

Those looking to immerse themselves in the culinary experience while enjoying the benefits of an outdoor grill should choose Hestan. Outdoor living suites including refrigeration, storage, weatherproof outlets, and a beverage dispenser create a flawless outdoor kitchen that can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

Where Do You Find Hestan?

You won’t find Hestan grills at just any store, but instead you will need to shop somewhere that specializes in grilling and outdoor kitchens.

The Outdoor Appliance Store can provide you with all of the tools needed to create the perfect outdoor kitchen experience.

Their customer service department offers the best knowledge and experience to help you create the outdoor living area that you have always dreamed of.

Their newly renovated first-class showroom has thousands of products to choose from to give you the outdoor area you deserve. Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about Hestan and the products they offer!