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Guide to Napoleon Grills

Guide to Napoleon Grills

Guide to Napoleon Grills

Finding the right BBQ gas grill for your outdoor kitchen is the foundation for good food and memories in the backyard. Many people find Napoleon grills to be the right fit for their grilling needs. Guide to Napoleon Grills blog will help with your outdoor kitchen decision. Napoleon is the foundation for good food and memories in the backyard. Many people find Napoleon grills to be the right fit for their grilling needs. These BBQ gas grills pride themselves on performance and quality. There are several different series of Napoleon gas grills that give you a wide range of abilities. So what is the best Napoleon grill? Check out this guide to some of the most popular Napoleon grills to help you find the right gas grill for your backyard.


Napoleon Prestige Series

The Napoleon Prestige Series grills are freestanding grills that give you complete versatility in the way you grill. With infrared side and rear burners and an infrared rotisserie, the possibilities for grilling are endless. What makes Napoleon Prestige grills special is the WAVE cooking grid that gives you the iconic Napoleon sear marks. In addition, the Jetfire Ignition gives you fast and reliable ignition so you can get grilling for your crew.

One popular gas grill in this series is the Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill. This gas grill can cook up to 30 hamburgers, plus another eight hamburgers on the side burner with pure restaurant quality. With four burners and the infrared rear and side burners, there are eight different cooking styles you can experience on the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill. 


You’ll also find seven stainless steel sear plates that help any food droppings to vaporize and prevent flare-ups. For safety, the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill is equipped with a SafetyGlow feature which turns the control knobs red when the burners are on. Guide to Napoleon Grills blog will gives you more information like the fact that the Napoleon grills gives you the heat retention, flexibility, and capacity to create a divine meal for a crowd. You can’t go wrong with the Prestige 500 or any of the Napoleon Prestige Series grills.


Napoleon Prestige PRO Series

The Guide to Napoleon Grills highlights the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series gas grills give you the luxury touch you desire in your outdoor kitchen. This series of gas grills are available as built-in or freestanding complete with some of the highest standard features. Of course, you still have the infrared rear and side burners, Jetfire Ignition, plus more luxurious components. The stainless steel cooking system gives you a professional cooking experience right at home. You can easily start your at-home professional grilling experience with a Napoleon Prestige Pro Series gas grill at The Outdoor Appliance Store.


The Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Built-In Gas Grill is a popular choice in this grill series. It features a LIFT EASE Roll Top Lid, five burners, and NIGHT LIGHT Control Knobs. A unique feature of this grill is the integrated wood chip smoker tray. This gives your food a taste of that delicious smoked flavor. You also have the option to transform this gas grill into a charcoal grill with the optional Cast Iron Charcoal Tray. 

With 1000 square inches of total cooking space, you can grill for a crowd or cook all your favorite foods at once. You can also find the Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 gas grill as a freestanding grill. This premium-level grill makes every grilled meal a memorable experience!


Napoleon Built-In 700 Series

The Napoleon Built-In 700 Series is a new series for Napoleon, and as the name suggests, features world-class built-in gas grills. These built-in gas grills are unique because they are made for easy installation into your outdoor kitchen. In addition, the marine-grade stainless steel construction makes this grill series durable, professional, and reliable all the time. The Napoleon Built-In 700 Series is also constructed for incredible heat retention. This heat retention and precise temperature control are possible thanks to the ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gauge.


This grill series is available in three different sizes, so no matter the size of your outdoor kitchen, a Napoleon 700 series is the perfect fit. There is a 32-inch38-inch, and 44-inch built-in grill available, each with rear infrared burners. The Napoleon Built-In 700 Series 44-inch grill even has dual rear infrared burners. These grills also feature thick 9mm stainless steel cooking grids that provide the famous Napoleon WAVE sear marks. Grilling on a Napoleon Built-In 700 series grill gives you the ultimate experience in your outdoor kitchen.


Guide to Napoleon Grills mentions high-quality, premium, and long-lasting gas grills that you will enjoy in your outdoor space for many years. You can find the exact Napoleon grill to fit your needs without sacrificing features in both freestanding and built-in models. Each series of Napoleon gas grills have unique components that make them stand out in the industry. For more information about Napoleon grills, contact the grill experts at The Outdoor Appliance Store. If this is the first step to bringing your outdoor kitchen dream to life, we can help with our free design services.


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