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Blaze Professional Grill vs Fire Magic Aurora – Grill Comparison

Blaze Professional vs Fire Magic Aurora – Grill Comparison

Blaze Professional LTE Grills

“A step above the rest”

The Blaze professional grills are a step above their standard models. Their components are thicker and slightly more durable than the standard models, although both feature fantastic construction. The burners maintain temperatures allowing for perfect sears on any food, all the while keeping their burner’s gas consumption to a minimum compared to other leading grill brands. Not to mention the eye catching illumination system, perfect for grilling at night. If anything does happen to go wrong with your Blaze Professional grill, you can rest assured as they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Fire Magic Aurora Grills

“Superior design and engineering.”

Another quality brand everyone seems to love. Most Fire Magic grills feature all the bells and whistles. Their Aurora line has most all of the attributes that its sister series, echelon has. Diamond sear cooking grates constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, hot surface ignition, and halogen interior lights are just some of the more premium characteristics the Aurora grills have. The versatility in these machines are unmatched, as you could literally sear a steak at 1000 degrees then bake a cake at 200 degrees. Needless to say prepare to expand your cooking repertoire

Fuel: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

 Stainless Steel Grade: 304

 # of Burners: 3

BTUs: 54,000

Burner Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Rotisserie Burner: 10,000

Cooking Grid Dimensions: 30 13/16 X 19 15/16″

Main Grilling Area: 615 Sq. Inches

Total Surface: 816 Sq. Inches

Ignition Type: Flame Thrower

Grill Lights: Internal / External

Spring Assisted Hood: No

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Grill Price: $4299.99

Fuel:  Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

Stainless Steel: 304

# of Burners: 3

BTUs: 75000

Burner Material: 304 Cast Stainless

Rotisserie Burner: 18,000

Cooking Grid Dimensions: 30 X 22″

Main Grilling Area:  792 Sq. Inches

Total Surface: 1080 Sq. Inches

Ignition Type:  Hot Surface

Grill Lights:  Internal /External

Spring Assisted Hood:  Yes

Warranty:  Limited Lifetime

Grill Price: $5630