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Premium Outdoor Gas Grill Comparison: Alfresco, Twin Eagles, and Lynx

Premium Gas Grill Comparison: Sizing up the Leaders in the grill industry.

AlfrescoLynx, & Twin Eagles are three of the best grills available on the market & have similar features.

Burners and Warranty Info


✔  Alfresco & Twin Eagles implement a Stainless Steel U-Shaped Burner that have a limited lifetime warranty against defects. Lynx has now re-designed their burner to be ceramic. The reason being that ceramic burners can potentially distribute the heat more evenly, the downside with this type of burner is that they are prone to cracking over time. We are curious to see if they will continue to honor the lifetime warranty on the burners. These grill companies will not stand behind the lifetime warranty if the burners are misused or abused. To avoid voiding the lifetime warranty on the burners, we recommend cleaning them 2-3 times a year.

Ignition Systems

All three grills use electricity to power their igniters. These are more reliable than the battery-operated igniters you see in the older/cheaper grills, they won’t get corroded.

✔  Twin Eagles & Lynx uses a glow system that heats a round tube, which then glows orange and ignites the burner.

✔  Alfresco uses a spark electrode system which we find makes for better consistency lighting the grill.

Heat Distribution and Cooking Grates


All three grills use ceramic briquettes for the heat distribution system. We prefer briquettes over the standard traditional burners; they retain heat more efficiently, which distributes the heat more evenly (uses less fuel).

✔  Alfresco & Lynx’s cooking grates are made of heavy-duty, round stainless steel rods.

✔  Twin Eagles rods are unique because they are thick, heavy-duty 3/8″ hexagonal grates. The shape of these grates create more mass than traditional round rod grates. These hexagonal grates feature a flat side which allows for a greater food to surface contact. In other words this cooks the food more evenly and allows more heat to reach the food.

✔  The rotisserie motor is the feature that sets Alfresco & Twin Eagles above the competition. It is integrated into the firebox and features a chain driven design for consistent rotation of the spit rod. The major benefits are that it eliminates a bulky exterior rotisserie motor and the inconvenience of having to store the rod and motor when not in use.

✔  The Twin Eagles grill features a convenient storage location in the grills drip tray handle for the spit rod.

Available sizes


Alfresco grill sizes:  30″36″42″, 56″

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Lynx grill sizes27″30″36″42″, 54″

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Twin Eagles grill sizes 30″36″42″, 54″

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All three brands manufacture these models in the USA and hold to the quality of their products to the highest standards, solidifying them as the elite grill companies in the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of these premium gas grill.

Model Alfresco AXLE 36″ Gas Grill With Rotisserie Twin Eagles 36″ Gas Grill With Rotisserie Lynx Professional 36″ Gas Grill With Rotisserie
Grill Size 36″ 36″ 36″
Configuration Built-In Built-In Built-In
Number of Main Burners 3 3 3
Main Grilling Area (Sq In.) 660 640 640
Infrared Sear Zone Optional Optional One Infrared
Burner Type Stainless Steel U-Burner Stainless Steel U-Burner Ceramic
Main Burner BTU’s 27,500 25,000 25,000
Smoker Burner Yes No No
Smoker Box Integrated Optional Accessory Optional Accessory
Ignition Continuous Spark Hot Surface Hot Surface
Hood Assist Yes Yes Yes
Interior Lights Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel Lighting Yes (Amber LED) Yes (Blue LED – Control Illumination) Yes (Blue LED)
Rotisserie Motor Integrated Integrated External
Rotisserie Burner BTU’s 18,500 14,500 14,000
Heat Distribution Ceramic Briquettes Ceramic Briquettes Ceramic Briquettes
Temperature Gauge Analog Analog Analog
Alternate Fuel Insert Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional) No
Cut-Out Width 34 1/2″ 34 1/4″ 35″
Cut-Out Depth 23″ 24 1/4″ 22″
Cut-Out Height 10 1/4″ 11 3/4″ 10 7/8″
Grill Cover Yes (Included) Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional)
Made In USA Yes Yes Yes
Price $6555.00 $6829.00 $7859.00
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