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Different Types of Gas Fire Pit Ignition Systems

Gas Fire Pit Ignition Systems Overview

Gas Fire Pit Ignition Systems are going to affect the way that you use your gas fire pit. Do you prefer the reliability of match-lit ignition systems or do you prefer the ease of just pressing a button to light your fire pit?

There are ignition systems for every preference, those that are value conscious should probably look into match-lit systems. If ease of use what you’re going after then an electronic ignition system may be your best option, keep in mind it’s not without a significant price increase.

When it comes to choosing the right ignition system just keep in mind how often and who will be using it, If you have any questions concerning the gas fire pit ignition systems give us a call at 1-844-305-0125.

Let’s take a closer look at all the ignition systems that are currently available:

Match-Lit Gas Fire Ignition Systems:

Most basic of the ignition system. Open a gas valve and light the burner with a match. Turn off the gas valve to shut off gas flow. Easy and reliable.

Gas Fire Pit Spark Ignition Systems:

Uses a button to help start the fire. An ignitor probe is installed next to a gas outlet on the burner, it is connected to the push button. The user will open the gas valve and pushes the button causes the probe to spark.

No electrical supply is necessary/ Spark is created by a battery powered spark igniter or a piezo ignitor. * Piezo ignition uses the principle of piezoelectricity, which, in short, is the electric charge that accumulates in some materials in response to high pressure.*

Gas Fire Pit Manual Safety Pilot System:

Depending on who makes this depends on how they name A failsafe system which cuts off the gas in case of failure with the pilot flame. Can be either ignition or match lit.

Gas Fire Pit Electronic Ignition Systems:

The easiest system by far. The user simply uses a switch or remote to turn on the burner. For this system, you need an external battery supply such as a battery or main supply line of electricity.*

*There are many different versions of these systems available. Some have a pilot, some use a thermocouple or thermopile, others use another type of flame sensing instrument. There is a bunch of ways the burner is lit, for example, hot surface and hotwire ignition use an element/wire that heats up to a temperature sufficient to ignite the gas. Spark ignition uses an electrode to produce a spark to do the same.