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Gas Fire Pit Burner Guide

A Guide to Fire Pit Burners

Fire pit burners come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different design ideas. They are usually constructed from stainless steel or brass and have metal tubes with holes in it that allow the gas to be released to produce a flame similar to that of a wood-burning fire.

The holes are separated at different intervals to create uniformity. These burners can be fueled by propane or natural gas depending on what is available to the homeowner.

They usually sit on a base plate to prevent the gas from leaking into the fire pit. They are available in a number of different sizes and shapes. This is a basic guide of things to consider before purchasing your burner.

Fire Pit Burner Material: Brass or Stainless Steel

Burners are available in two basic types of material: brass or stainless steel. Please see below the pros and cons of using either.

Burner Material Pros Cons
    • Lifetime warranties
    • Designs by outdoor plus and warming trends use less gas
    • Built-in air mixers from outdoor plus and warming trends create a fuller flame


  • More expensive than stainless steel burners
Stainless Steel
    • Cheaper pricing
    • Multiple shapes available


    • Tends to need replacing through time
    • Smaller flame compared to brass


Stainless Steel Burners


When looking for a burner one of the first things to consider is the shape of the firepit or table you are building.  If you want a rectangle pit for example, do you want a full fire? A simple fire? A fire to go around the perimeter of the pit? Differently shaped burners display different fire effects when built into a unit. These burners can become available in different materials. See below for burners available in stainless steel:

Penta (Star Shaped) Burners

Penta burners are star-shaped burners constructed of stainless steel and are capable of providing tall, natural flames.

Since they are available in a number of different sizes (12 inches to 48 inches), these are great if you’re looking for a realistic campfire look.

If you have a round fire pit and wish to have a roaring flame and keep value in mind, this is the way to go.

Round Burners

Round burners offer a traditional gas burner shape. These components are built from durable, long-lasting materials so you can get years of enjoyment out of your fire feature.

Square Burners

Square burners provide a less common alternative to either a round or penta burner.

These burners are great for square fire pits or tables and are available in a number of different sizes.

Rectangular Burners

Rectangular burners are made for small rectangle pits or fire tables

These burners are a smaller alternative to H-shaped. These, like the square burners, will give you an even, clean looking flame when burning.

These also come in a double rectangle burner as pictures below or a regular rectangle burner.

Warming Trends Crossfire Burners

These are heavy-duty brass burners from Warming Trends. With their unique Crossfire design, these units have been manufactured to produce a Venturi effect, which is the reduction of fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of a pipe.

Essentially each of the nozzle on the burner provide a chokehold on the amount of gas being pushed out and by combining with oxygen to create a higher flame that is brighter and full to really resemble a natural wood burning fire.

The design pattern on these burners differ from each other burner so depending on your shape and size of the pit will determine your best crossfire burner to be used.

Outdoor Plus Bullet Burners

Patented Bullet burners by  Outdoor plus provide the user with a taller fuller flame. The patented bullet orifice compresses gas flow and gives oxygen to create a cleaner flame.

These burners come in both Stainless steel and brass. Burners also vary in shapes and sizes.

Configurations available in both stainless steel or brass

Some burners are available in both types of materials, stainless steel or brass. Here are a couple of options that are available on the market.


H-Shaped Burners

For larger rectangular enclosures, an H-burner makes for an excellent choice. With their unique construction, these burners can fill a large fire pit while only using reasonable amounts of gas.

Linear Burners

To fill a long and narrow enclosure, you’re going to need a long and narrow burner. Linear burner pans are only 8 inches wide, but burners are available in lengths ranging from 24 to 96 inches to give you plenty of versatility when trying to fill your enclosure space.

Warming trends and The outdoor plus* offer it in stainless steel or brass and also in each company’s respective specialty. You can also find the stainless steel by American fireglass.

Bottom line

Deciding on a quality fire pit burner and understanding what makes it best for your project can help save money over time and ensure that you are satisfied with your fire pit for years to come.

The key difference is between the brass and stainless will be that brass will not require the air mixer.Also, each company will provide the proper pan that accompanies the burner.

The purpose of the pan is to protect the lower compartments of the burner i.e the as hoses and such and also provides the way you hold your media. If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right burners give us a call at 1-844-305-0125.