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The Best Outdoor Refrigerators

The Best Outdoor Refrigerators


When you start planning and designing your outdoor kitchen, there are many features and appliances you can include. One outdoor kitchen appliance we believe you can’t go without is an outdoor refrigerator. Every indoor kitchen has a fridge, so your outdoor kitchen does too! You’ll find a lot of outdoor refrigerators on the market at varying prices and quality, so we have a list of some of our favorite outdoor refrigerators that succeed in performance and quality. But first, let’s dive into the benefits of an outdoor refrigerator.


Benefits of an Outdoor Refrigerator



Marvel 24-Inch Outdoor Refrigerator


The Marvel 24-inch 5.33 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator is a sleek, high-performing outdoor refrigerator. It features Dynamic Cooling Technology that keeps the temperature stable, even on hot summer days. In addition, you get 5.33 cu. ft. of storage in this refrigerator with two adjustable shelves, so you have more than enough room for drinks.


Other features include interior lighting, standard door lock, and door alarm for door ajar and high/low temperatures. These features make this Marvel 24-inch Outdoor Refrigerator one of the best options for outdoor refrigerators because it provides the convenience and performance you need for any outdoor gathering!


Summit 24-Inch Outdoor Commercial Beverage Center


The Summit 24-inch Outdoor Commercial Beverage Center made the best outdoor refrigerators list for its high-quality design and durability. This outdoor refrigerator is wrapped in 304-grade stainless steel, giving an elegant design and extreme durability. The construction of this refrigerator is versatile, too, with options to use as a built-in or freestanding refrigerator. No matter the layout of your outdoor area, this Summit refrigerator can work seamlessly! In addition, the weatherproof design makes it possible to use this refrigerator wherever you need it in your outdoor kitchen.


For safety, this Summit outdoor refrigerator exceeds UL safety requirements and includes integrated GFCI for extra protection. This is a high-quality commercial outdoor refrigerator that will exceed your expectations and last you many years to come.


U-Line 24-Inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator


The U-Line 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is the ultimate storage refrigerator for all of your outdoor gatherings! It has 5.4 cu. ft. of storage and holds up to 117 12 oz bottles or 194 12 oz cans. So you will stay fully stocked for every party! This refrigerator also features a convection cooling system and a digital touchpad control system. 


Along with its excellent performance, the U-Line 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator also looks sleek with the stainless steel cabinet, toe-kick, and door. Additionally, this outdoor refrigerator offers flexibility with its field reversible door and adjustable leveling legs for the perfect height. You can use it either as a built-in or freestanding refrigerator as well. If you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator that maximizes storage in a compact size, this is the one for you!


Other Outdoor Refrigeration Appliances


Outdoor refrigerators aren’t the only appliances available to keep your drinks and food cold in your outdoor kitchen. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we offer various specialty outdoor refrigeration appliances in addition to traditional outdoor refrigerators. Here are some other outdoor kitchen appliances to consider.



These outdoor refrigerators help you keep the party going longer with all of your food and drinks at your fingertips. Don’t just buy any outdoor refrigerator, though! Instead, choose one of these popular outdoor refrigerators to ensure high performance, quality, and durability. Each of these outdoor refrigerators will work beautifully with an outdoor kitchen and premium BBQ grill. Let's start building your dream outdoor living space!  Contact the grill and outdoor kitchen experts at The Outdoor Appliance with any questions.



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Best Budget Grills

Best Budget Grills

Can you still get a high-quality grill on a budget? Absolutely! Don't think you have to visit a big box store for a budget-friendly grill either. Instead, trust actual grill experts for the best budget grills. We've rounded up our best budget grills that give you high-quality results every time. Here are some of our most popular budget grills.

Blaze Prelude LBM 32-inch Gas Grill

The Blaze Prelude LBM Gas Grill gives you an excellent grilling experience, no matter your grilling level of expertise. This grill is built with commercial-quality 304 stainless steel, meaning you get long-lasting use in pristine condition. In addition, the Blaze Prelude LBM grill features four burners with 14,000 BTUs per burner. So you get a lot of power in its 740 square inches of cooking space!

Starting up the Blaze Prelude LBM grill is simple with the push and turn flame-thrower ignition system. In addition, the heavy-duty stainless steel rounded cooking rods make it easy to grill any kind of food, from steaks to vegetables. Using the heat zone separators, you can make sure each food is cooked to perfection. The Blaze Prelude LBM gives you a premium grilling experience with friends and family, all while staying within your budget. You also get the benefit of a lifetime warranty and a 3-year multi-user warranty, so you can rest assured this grill will last you many years.

Napoleon 700 Series 32-inch Gas Grill

Napoleon is known for premium-level grills, but did you know there are budget-friendly Napoleon grills? The Napoleon 700 Series 32-inch Gas Grill gives you incredible performance, quality, and features in a budget grill. One of the most impressive features of this grill is the 9mm stainless-steel cooking grids that produce the iconic WAVE sear marks. So no matter what you're grilling, you will have beautiful sear marks and perfectly cooked food.

The Napoleon 700 Series grill gives you the flexibility to cook in various ways, and the ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge gives you precise temperature control to ensure all your food is cooked how you like it. When you're ready to start grilling, the JETFIRE ignition system gives you a consistent and easy start every time. With a total of 60,000 BTUs on the four burners, you will experience high performance every time you fire up the grill. In addition to its performance features, this grill features NIGHTLIGHT control knobs that illuminate blue and then turn to red when the burner is on, giving you added safety and a premium vibe. The Napoleon 700 Series grill is an excellent choice for a budget grill that still includes premium-level features that will exceed your expectations.

RCS Premier Series 32-inch Gas Grill

The RCS Premier Series 32-inch Gas Grill is your chance to have an RCS grill at a budget-friendly price. This grill is unique in its stainless steel tube burners with crossover tubes between burners. The main burners get 45,000 BTUs, and the rear infrared with 12,000 BTUs. You will find the performance you expect from a quality gas grill in this RCS Premier Series grill.

Other features of this grill include briquette flavor grids, sure strike ignition with backup manual flash tubes, stainless steel warming rack, full-size drip tray, and easy-to-turn control knobs. The RCS Premier Series grill is just another example of a premium-level grill available at an affordable price. This grill is the perfect foundation for your outdoor kitchen!

Vintage Builder 30-inch Gas Grill

The Vintage Builder 30-inch Gas Grill is beautiful and offers high-quality features you'll fall in love with. It's constructed with 304 stainless steel to last for many years. On the inside, you'll find endless ways to cook for your friends and family. This grill has an infrared rotisserie burner, dedicated smoker burner, and infrared sear zone. So you can experiment with new recipes every day!

The main burners of this Vintage Builder grill feature 27,500 BTUs and 3/8-inch polished stainless steel grates. The precision-fire electronic ignition will get you grilling fast when it's time to get started. You'll also find other convenient features like an oversized drip tray, warming shelf, and ergonomic control panel. The premium and heavy-duty design features of this grill will stand out in your outdoor kitchen, and with the quality performance to match, it's a solid budget-friendly choice for your outdoor grilling needs.

The Outdoor Appliance Store can provide expert advice for your outdoor kitchen and grill. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality grills for a variety of budgets. If you're looking for a budget grill, but don't want to sacrifice quality and performance, each of these grills will exceed your expectations. Contact The Outdoor Appliance Store with any questions and take advantage of our free design services for your outdoor kitchen.

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The Best Premium Grills of 2021

The Best Premium Grills of 2021

If you’re ready for 2022 to be your grilling year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our best premium grills of 2021 so you can start building your dream outdoor kitchen. These premium grills are built with commercial quality, high-capability performance, and convenient features that produce restaurant-quality food every time. The hardest decision will be which premium grill to take home to your outdoor kitchen! So, let’s dive into this year’s best premium grills.

Twin Eagles C Series 30-inch Gas Grill

Twin Eagles is a popular brand, known for its top-quality luxury gas grills. The Twin Eagles C-Series 30” grill is no exception. Lighting up this grill takes no effort at all with the hot surface ignition. Simply push the control knob to light the gas burners and you are on your way to a fabulous meal. 

This Twin Eagles grill allows you to cook a variety of food at different temperatures thanks to the zone dividers. The ⅜” hexagonal grates mean anything you cook will have the most food to surface contact, giving your food restaurant-style sear marks. You can also include the optional sear zone or rotisserie burner to make this grill even more versatile. With two burners and 50,000 total BTUs, you are ready to grill all types of food for your family and friends. 

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660i 30-inch Gas Grill

The beautiful Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660i 30” grill takes grilling and convenience to the next level. Fire Magic’s unique 5 ways to cook system allows you to grill, sear, smoke, charcoal grill, and rotiss on this grill. No matter how you cook, the digital thermometer will show you the exact temperature in each of the four zones and allows you to set the temperature you need for a perfect cooking experience.

This grill has three burners and a total of 78,000 BTUs. You can certainly add all the burgers for your gathering to the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660i and still produce perfectly even cooking that tastes delicious. The diamond sear cooking grids make for premium sear marks that will have everyone talking and coming back for more.

Alfresco ALXE 36-inch Gas Grill

The premium and feature-filled Alfresco ALXE 36-inch Gas Grill will exceed your expectations every time you step up to grill. You can cook for your summer backyard barbecue or Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family on this grill. For those special gatherings, the integrated rotisserie system holds up to 120 pounds of meat and stays hidden when you don't need it. When you're craving delicious smoked meat, use the 5,000 BTU smoker burner to get that iconic flavor. Add wood chunks or your favorite herbs to the smoker drawer to take the flavor to the next level!

This grill features three burners with an impressive total BTUs of 82,500. That's some intense performance that always produces high-quality food cooked with perfection. The Alfresco ALXE grill allows you to experiment with different cooking styles and food to make your grilling expeirence unforgettable every time.

Blaze Professional Lux 34-inch Gas Grill

As the name suggests, the Blaze Professional Lux 34-inch Gas Grill provides a complete professional and luxury grilling experience. Along with premium features, the durability of this grill is one of the best in the industry. The Blaze Professional Lux grill features hexagon-shaped stainless steel cooking rods for thick sear marks and heat zone separators to cook different foods at different temperatures. This grill is special because it can produce these impressive searing temperatures and still maintain low gas consumption per burner because of the precise mix of oxygen and fuel.

You’ll find three burners on this grill with 54,000 BTUs and an additional 10,000 BTUs on the rotisserie burner. In addition, there are also heavy-duty 12 gauge flame stabilizing grids covering the grill to minimize flare-ups. Blaze truly thought of everything to make this grill durable, premium, and safe for every grilling experience.

DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-inch Gas Grill

The DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-inch Gas Grill gives you the ultimate professional cooking experience in your backyard. One of the most iconic and impressive features of this grill is the Ceramic Radiant Technology. This technology puts a layer of ceramic rods in between the burners and cooking grate to ensure intense and even heat all across the grill. You can even sear meat anywhere on the grill surface with this technology!

This DCS grill is all about heat power and performance and you see that in the total 75,000 BTUs and three U-shaped stainless steel burners. The DCS Series 9 Evolution is also constructed to perfectly cook a variety of food. One side of the grill has a gentle curve for cooking vegetables and seafood, and the other side of the grill is crafted for grilling all kinds of meat. This grill provides a memorable experience that will have you trying new foods and cooking methods all the time.

These top premium grills of 2021 are just the start of your dream outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re looking to replace your built-in gas grill or start a new outdoor kitchen project, the grill experts at The Outdoor Appliance Store are here to help. Contact us with any questions or take advantage of our free outdoor kitchen design services

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Best Outdoor Refrigerators

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Marvel 6.54 Cu Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

U-Line 24-Inch 5.2 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator

Perlick C-Series 24” 5.2 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refri​​gerator

Summit 24” 4.6 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

Marvel 6.54 Cu Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

The Marvel 6.54 Cu Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is one of the top outdoor refrigerators on the market. The Dynamic Cooling Technology in this refrigerator uses a powerful fan for faster cooling and maintaining the desired temperature. The immaculate white interior and white LED lights really make this unit easy to clean. Some of the great features are the close door assist, audio and visual alarms that sound when the temperature inside the unit gets too hot or if the door is open for more than 5 minutes. If you are looking for a refrigerator with great quality and a warranty to back it up, we highly recommend the Marvel brand.

● Marvel Prime Controls allow for precise temperature control from 34°F to 42°F and accurate display the temperature of the unit

● Audio and visual alarms sound if the door is left open or if the temperature on the side gets too hot

● Cantilevered FreshFlo commercial-steel shelves have holes in them to better circulate the air in the unit

● The front of the unit is vented allowing it to be built-in to an outdoor kitchen island


U-Line 24-Inch 5.2 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator

The U-Line 24” 5.2 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is another great option. It boasts 5.2 cubic feet of space which can hold up to 123 beer bottles or 185 cans. The digital passive cooling systems feature a touch-pad control, which allows you to keep your food and/or beverages between 34°F to 45°F. This unit features three removable, tempered glass shelves, illuminated under LED lighting. You have the option to choose which side you open the door before ordering and if you want a lock on it. You can also easily adjust the height with the leveling legs to make sure it fits in your structure perfectly. This refrigerator is also available on a cart which is sold separately.

● 5.2 cubic feet provides plenty of storage – can hold up to 123 bottles of beer or 185 cans.

● The digital passive cooling system controls the temperature range between 34 – 45°F

● 3 removable tempered glass shelves can be adjusted to your convenience

● Full stainless cabinet and door make this unit outdoor rated

● Can be built-in, or on a cart with the freestanding kit (sold separately)


Perlick C-Series 24” 5.2 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

This Perlick C-Series 24” outdoor rated refrigerator features 5.2 cubic feet of cooled storage. The RAPIDcool fan system keeps the desired temperature throughout the entire unit (33-42°F). This unit is one of the quietest on the market but still boasts a powerful 525 BTU compressor(can be used in residential or commercial business applications). The 2” thick walls keep the unit well insulated and vibrations to a minimum. The two adjustable/pull-out shelves can accommodate any food or beverages. These shelves can be fully extended and have a nice vinyl coat on them. This door can easily be finished with a wood panel if you want to match your cabinets. The interior light on the inside makes for easy visibility and has a master switch to keep the light on 24/7. The interior is constructed of commercial grade stainless steel which makes cleaning easy! This refrigerator fits flush into any outdoor structure because of the hinge doesn’t need any extra clearance. The Perlick brand has been around since 1917 and has been the go-to fridge for restaurants, stadiums, breweries, residential applications, and more!

● The all exclusive 525 BTU compressor, ultra-quiet compressor make this unit a great choice

● Interior lighting and master switch

● Quality stainless steel interior makes for easy cleaning

● Fits flush into any outdoor island/cabinetry thanks to the built-in depth and zero-clearance hinge!

Summit 24” 4.6 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

In our opinion, the Summit 24” 4.6 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is the most cost-effective, while still having great quality. This unit is well designed and built, making in approved for outdoor use. It features a stainless steel door that can be reversed to open on either side. The glass shelves are adjustable and the bottom has grooves in it to hold wine and/or champagne bottles! The digital thermostat controls the temperature precisely (36-43°F). The frost-free operation system helps keep down on maintenance on the unit. The LED lighting can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch or automatically when the door is closed. This unit is can be built-in or on a portable cart. The best feature about this unit is that it’s CEE Tier II qualified and uses up to 25% less energy than the standard outdoor refrigerators. In addition, it complies to NSF-7 standards, making it approved for commercial use.

Best Outdoor Gas Griddles

Why Get An Outdoor Griddle?

Easier cleaning and maintenance – Compared to a gas grill you only have one flat cook-top to clean off after cooking and you don’t have to worry about food debris falling through grates.

Portable or Built-in – Both built-in and on cart configurations are available for our gas griddles. Whether building an outdoor kitchen or a griddle on a cart all of our griddles will work for your project.

More versatile cooking – Where gas grills fall short when it comes to cooking is the space between the grates. With a griddle you can throw on small food items without worry about anything falling through the grates.

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Blaze LTE Griddle

Le Griddle

Fire Magic Echelon Griddle

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki Griddle

Tips & Tricks For Using A Gas Griddle

Blaze LTE Griddle

The Blaze LTE gas griddle will take your outdoor cooking to the next level. Features integrated red LED lights on the control knobs and a big enough cook-top to prepare meals for the whole family. The griddle is powered by two commercial grade 304 stainless burners for 36,000 BTU’s in total of cooking power. The cooking surface is 495 square inches of solid stainless steel with an incorporated grease drip tray to make sure that clean-up is a breeze.

✔ Premium Blaze built-in natural gas griddle with signature SRL LED illumination

✔ Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction for durability and longevity

✔ Two high performance 18,000 BTU U-burners offer exceptional heating across the 495-square-inch griddle surface

✔ Flame thrower ignition for reliable and convenient lighting every time

✔ Overall size: 12.375 x 30 x 28.375 inches (H x W x D); Cutout size: 12 x 28.125 x 24.375 inches (H x W x D)

fire magic grills
Fire Magic Echelon Gourmet Built In Gas Griddle - E660i-0T3

Fire Magic Echelon Built In Gas Griddle

The new Echelon built-in griddle from Fire Magic combines performance and design.Dual zone cooking from two 20,000 BTU burners create an extremely versatile cooking environment. perfect for outdoor cooking of everything from fried rice to fajitas to bacon and eggs. Take outdoor cooking to a new level with Echelon E660i Built-In Gourmet Griddle.

✔ All 304 stainless steel construction

✔ Expansive 30” x 18” cooking area

✔ 3/8” thick stainless steel griddle surface for years of warp-free performance

✔ Dual heavy duty stainless steel burners combining to provide up to 40,000 BTU’s

fire magic grills

Le Griddle

The Le Griddle, embrace traditional french style griddle cooking. Cooking on a griddle has many advantages over the traditional bbq grills. Le Griddle offers a healthy and easy way to enjoy outdoor cooking. With the full stainless steel griddle plate you won’t have to worry about burning food from direct contact with flames. The griddle get’s up to cooking temperature within 5 minutes and these units are extremely low maintenance.

✔ Stainless steel 100% thermally conductive surface

✔ Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction

✔ Removable stainless stell griddle plate

✔ Ventilation grill to protect the flames from any wind

✔ Exclusive curved tray for oil or fat recovery

✔ Durable high-powered 304 stainless steel burners (16000 Btu)

✔ Overall size: 10 x 30.125 x 17.75 inches (H x W x D); Cutout size: 6.25 x 28.875 x 24.375 inches (H x W x D)

fire magic grills
Fire Magic Echelon Gourmet Built In Gas Griddle - E660i-0T3

Fire Magic Echelon Built In Gas Griddle

The new Echelon built-in griddle from Fire Magic combines performance and design.Dual zone cooking from two 20,000 BTU burners create an extremely versatile cooking environment. perfect for outdoor cooking of everything from fried rice to fajitas to bacon and eggs. Take outdoor cooking to a new level with Echelon E660i Built-In Gourmet Griddle.

✔ All 304 stainless steel construction

✔ Expansive 30” x 18” cooking area

✔ 3/8” thick stainless steel griddle surface for years of warp-free performance

✔ Dual heavy duty stainless steel burners combining to provide up to 40,000 BTU’s

fire magic grills
Twin Eagles 30" Teppanyaki Griddle - TETG30-C

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki Griddle

The Twin Eagles built-in griddle is the ultimate option when it comes to outdoor luxury. From the smooth design lines of the overall griddle to the blue LED back-lit knobs. This griddle is definitely a crowd pleaser and a visually appealing center-piece for any backyard.

✔ Stainless steel, solid 5/16” thick griddle surface

✔ Two independent thermostatically-controlled gas burners

✔ Total of 40,000 BTUs

✔ Heat on indicator lights

✔ Hot surface ignition with safety gas valve

✔ 120 V electrical power cord

✔ Stainless steel cover

✔ Exclusive Control Illumination

✔ Cutout size: 11.5 x 28.5 x 24.25 inches (H x W x D)

Tips & Tricks For Using A Gas Griddle 

  • Vegetable oil in a squirt bottle while cooking will ensure that food doesn’t stick to the griddle surface and the squirt bottle is easier than taking the cap off the bottle and pouring it.

  • Making sure that you clean your griddle after every cook and while it is hot will make sure clean-up is simple and easy.

  • You can use coconut oil for cleanup while the grill is hot, apply evenly across the hot surface and the grease will come right off in the drip tray.

  • Line the grease drip tray with tin foil to remove when finished cooking.

  • A small metal mixing bowl can be used for steaming vegetables, just flip it over and cover whatever veggies or meat you have on the griddle.

Best Gas Grills of the Year- 2022

Are you looking for the best gas grills available on the market today? We’ve put together a list of our favorite brands that we carry and what makes the top grills on the market. We chose these grill brands based on quality features, solid 304 stainless steel construction, and industry leading product warranties that help these grills last for years to come.

Still unsure of what to look for when buying a new gas grill? Take a look at our 5 things to consider when buying a new grill.

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Twin Eagles C Series Gas Grill

Alfresco ALXE Gas Grill

Delta Heat Grills

Blaze Gas Grills

ProFire Indoor Grill

Twin Eagles C-Series Outdoor Grill

The Twin Eagles Grill offers a unique cooking system that delivers great performance. We find that the grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures and uses less gas but still distributes heat more evenly. The grill utilizes both direct and radiant heating. The briquettes are evenly spaced so that heat rises and then gets distributed evenly throughout the briquettes. Instead of the briquettes heating solely from the bottom, the heat gets distributed to the sides and the tops. Some people don’t like the way the briquettes clean up, but honestly, flipping them over every couple of months and burning off the grease helps. The briquettes will get seasoned and transfer those flavors to your food. Yum!

We love the hexagonal grates that are constructed with ⅜ inch stainless steel (thicker grates = better heat retention). The surface of the grates creates deeper and thicker restaurant style heat marks while offering 640 square inches of cooking surface on the 36-inch model.

If picking up the C model with rotisserie, we love the fact that the motor has 100 lbs of turning capacity. The chain driven design is a great addition to this years model. The grill has two rotisserie positions so that the distance of the food to the burner can appropriately be adjusted. The grill hood assist system also lightens the load on the lift so makes opening and closing the lid a lot easier than some of the other models we looked at. There is also a convenient rod storage compartment located in the grills drip tray handle for easy access. All in all, a great all around grill for the price. These grills are available as built-ins and on carts in a number of different sizes.

fire magic grills

Alfresco ALXE Grill

The Alfresco outdoor grill makes our list because of its power and superior construction. The 36-inch grill incorporates 660 square inches of cooking space, with powerful burners producing up to 82,500 BTU’s. Choosing to add an infrared sear zone, will upgrade you to 18,500 BTU’s of output on a single burner. This grill comes with a higher price tag than some of our other recommendations, but the superior quality and durable construction of the grill is worth the extra money. Additionally the lifetime warranty on this grill will ensure that it performs for years.

The built-in rotisserie system is chain driven and has a spit that holds 120 pounds of meat. The integrated smoker box, 3-position warming rack, and bright halogen lights all come standard on this grill.

We love the accessories available. Indirect roasting pods, steamer/fryer inserts are available as well as a commercial griddle pan. We also like the fact that the solid fuel inserts are available for this grill so that the grill can easily be converted to a wood or charcoal base system.

fire magic grills

Delta Heat Grills

We love the Twin Eagle grills, but for a lower price, Delta Heat is a mid-level grill built by the same company. We like this grill because of the features you get at a great price point. The American Made grill is made by Twin Eagle, whose founder, Dante Cantal is an award-winning gas engineer.

The grill uses a unique combination of direct and radiant heating systems so you get the best of both worlds. The briquettes heat from the bottom as well as the sides and top, while strategically spacing them apart to allow oxygen to flow to the burners. Flipping the grates over once in a while and burning off the grease will help with any build up.

The grill has 18 gauge stainless steel U-Burners and is equipped with a double lined stainless steel hood with seamless welded construction. Delta Heat just recently upgraded their grill warranty – offering a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing and burners. We like the sleek look and innovative design; add-ons such as a rotisserie kit, and sear zone are reasonably priced. The LED control panel lights make sure the BBQ can continue well into the night.

Blaze Gas Grills

The 32 inch 4-burner Blaze grill takes the honor of delivering the best value for a gas grill.

The best thing we like about this grill is the no-frills simplicity of the features offered on the grill. With the standard model, there are no electronics, so you won’t have to worry about any electrical issues down the line. We also love the cast stainless steel burners that are a commercial grade. They are heavy duty, and much more durable than a typical U-shaped burner. The perforated flavor grids that sit on top are easy to clean and are equipped with zone separators so that if you are cooking food at different temperatures, it is easy to adjust. With around 600 square inches of cooking surface, you have enough room to cook your whole meal on the grill.

The grill is basic, but that can both be positive and negative. On one hand, you have a much more reliable unit with no electricity. On the other with the basic model, you have no lighting or electric ignition.

The new LTE model offers red LED lighting and halogen lights on the interior of the hood for grilling at night. The lifetime warranty is also a great perk that comes along with the grill.

fire magic grills

ProFire Indoor Grill

As far as indoor grills go, the ProFire is one of our favorites (also one of the only indoor grills out there). It’s a nice size, measuring about 21 inches x 15 inches, 333 inches of cooking surface, and heats up in about 5 minutes. The infrared burner gets hot and the high heat gives your food a nice sear so that moisture is retained.

Grilling at high heat will cause a lot of smoke so an indoor vent hood with at least a 600 CFM blower on the fan will be necessary. That smoke will not dissipate if not properly vented above.

The indoor grill has stainless steel rods and is equipped with a stainless steel cover. We love the griddle that can be purchased separately as well as the heat shield if your unit is up against a wall.

The grids, interior plates are all dishwasher safe so cleanup can be relatively easy. The burner can get a bit sticky so you may have to burn off some grease on high every once in a while, but that’s all part of the infrared experience.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Can you envision the perfect thin crust pizza with extra toppings coming out of your own backyard oven? Pizzerias and trattorias are everywhere but now you can turn your backyard into your own pizzeria! There is nothing more enticing than rolling out some dough and gathering some of your favorite toppings and crisping it up in your own backyard oven. Let’s take a look at some of the best outdoor pizza ovens available today.

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Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven Outdoor Pizza Oven

​Alfresco Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven

Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven

Quick Overview:
Very stylish pizza oven from a great grill company; bakes pizza in a minimum of 4 minutes; sleek LED lights on the control knob, great warranty; made in the USA.

Great Features & Benefits:
The Lynx Napoli pizza oven is another great appliances that complement the extensive line of stylish and high-quality products from Lynx. This aesthetically appealing pizza oven has a sleek, stainless steel body with hand-polished edges and modern blue LED lights on the knobs. The top of the interior dome is made of a specially made material that reflects the heat back onto the whole ceramic cooking surface. A great feature is that the entire baking stone pulls out, just like a drawer, making it easy to check on your food or take your pizza out when it’s ready with the pizza peel that Lynx includes. We also really love that the top chimney is reversible, which allows us to choose to vent towards the front or the back, depending on where the oven is located. Lynx stands out from most pizza ovens because they don’t have a direct flame burner, instead, it implements power infrared burners that are rated at 40,000 BTU’s of power. This gives the oven the ability to heat up quickly to 700°F for baking pizzas. Because it’s designed just like an oven, you can cook roasts, baked dishes, and much more very easily. The recipes and directions for these can be found in the recipe book that Lynx includes to help you get the most out of your Lynx pizza oven. All Lynx products are manufactured in the USA by highly trained craftsmen for quality, durability, and style, allowing them to stand firmly behind this oven with confidence. They offer a lifetime warranty against rust on the stainless steel housing and burners, as well as a five-year warranty on the top of the unit.

Chicago Brick

Chicago Brick Oven Outdoor Pizza Oven

Quick Overview:
Real genuine wood-fired brick oven; incredible wood-fire flavor taste, plenty of cooking surface, allowing you to cook many different types of food; well-constructed with high-grade materials; made in the USA.

Great Features & Benefits:
Chicago Brick pizza ovens were made to emulate the classic brick ovens but are designed with modern-day materials. The oven has a dome shape and a one-piece design. The dome is made of a very durable refractory cement, which is perfect for casting into custom designs, as it will hold its shape while drying. The low height of the dome compels heat to travel around inside, to distribute the heat evenly throughout the oven. This makes the heat concentrated and rise up to nearly 1000°F. Remaining true to a genuine brick oven, your food is cooked in the same chamber as the fire. This cooking technique will give your food more wood flavor than other ovens with different cooking and fire chambers. There are two different models, the 500 & 750 series. The cooking surface is 29” wide X 23” deep on the 500 series. The cooking surface on the 750 series is 48” wide X 28” deep. Both ovens can cook multiple pizzas (as well as other foods) simultaneously. One of the greatest benefits of having a Chicago Brick Oven is the ability of versatile cooking. For instance, you can start with appetizers and then go on to the main entrees (pizza, steaks, chicken, etc) and then as the temperature starts to go down, bake breads and finish with a delicious dessert (cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, etc).

Things to think about:
The oven must go through a process called curing before you can begin to cook. This requires steadily heating charcoal and letting it burn in the oven. We recommend going through an entire 15 lb bag of charcoal, and this process usually takes up to a day to complete. Just like most wood-fired ovens, it does take a little while for the fire to get hot enough to start cooking. It works best when you start with a small fire and steadily add to it. When the inside walls turn from black to a light gray, you’ll know the oven is close to 700°F. This is the ideal temperature for many types of cooking. Allow about an hour for the oven to reach this temperature.

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Alfresco Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Alfresco Built in Outdoor grill makes our list year because of its power and superior construction. The 36-inch grill incorporates 660 square inches of cooking space, with powerful burners producing up to 82,500 BTU’s. Choosing to add an infrared sear zone, will upgrade you to 18,500 BTU’s of output on a single burner. This grill comes with a higher price tag than some of our other recommendations, but the superior quality and durable construction of the grill is worth the extra money. Additionally, the lifetime warranty on this grill will ensure that it performs for years.

The built-in rotisserie system is chain driven and has a spit that holds 120 pounds of meat. The integrated smoker box, 3-position warming rack, and bright halogen lights all come standard on this grill.

We love the accessories available. Indirect roasting pods, steamer/fryer inserts are available as well as a commercial griddle pan. We also like the fact that the solid fuel inserts are available for this grill so that the grill can easily be converted to a wood or charcoal base system.

Pacific Living

Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven

Quick Overview:
Constructed of heavy-duty 430-grade stainless steel; has many uses and abilities with the three cooking racks; a full display window and lights inside the oven.

Great Features & Benefits:
The Pacific Living Pizza Oven has the quality and affordability, all in one. They really did a great job with their attention to detail and offer some great features. This oven is very easy to operate and was made with convenience in mind. It is constructed with heavy-duty 430 stainless steel which looks great and will really hold up in the elements. Lighting the oven is easy, simply turn the knob, just like an indoor oven! We have tested the electronic ignition and have had no issues – fires up every time in about 3 seconds. There are also lights on the inside and a full display window so you can keep an eye on the food as it’s cooking. This oven has three removable cooking racks and comes with a free pizza stone! Pacific Living also gives you the option to add great smoky flavors to your food with their wood chip smoker box!

Best Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Why Buy A Patio Heater?

Wall mounted heaters can be a comforting addition to any backyard and with a push of a button, turn the area into a heated oasis. They are convenient and if you’re tight on space, allows you to place the heater high on the wall or ceiling. They blend into the environment and can be tilted to direct the heat in any direction as needed. Radiant heat is used to produce more efficient and even heat.

Things To Consider When Buying A Patio Heater

1  Measure the area you want to heat and the number of mounting points available to you.

2  Determine if you have access to electricity or gas.

3  Figure out clearance heights to the ceiling.

4  Select the heaters that will work for your space. Consider size, number of heaters, mounting options.

5  Choose the control option that will work best for you. (remote, switch).

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Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Heater

Infratech SL Electric Series

DCS Natural Gas Infrared Heater


Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Heater

 This exceptional heater has a ceramic coating that can withstand high temperatures. Its smart modern design is a perfect addition to any backyard and can be used in a residential and or commercial setting. Bromic has two special features that enhance performance.  The stainless heater is protected by a special black high-temperature coating and these heaters are equipped with a reflector that actually increases the heat output of the elements. One of the features we love about it is that it is compatible with the dimmer and/or smart control systems so that heating can be adjusted precisely. These heaters produce excellent radiant heat and can be adjusted with directional adjustments.

✔ Wall and ceiling mount options available to direct heat-simple to install

✔ Warm amber glow with frosted infrared tube elements so that glare is minimized

✔ Durable corrosion resistant stainless steel

✔ Wireless control available

✔ The design is simple and clean

✔ Available in different sizes

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Infratech SL Electric Series

The Infratech Slimline series are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be added to a wall or a ceiling.  We love the fresh modern look that comes with this series because of its narrow profiles and anodized steel housing. They are available in different sizes depending on the size of the area you wish to heat.

✔ Wall and ceiling mounts

✔ Can be ordered in bronze, silver, or black finish

✔ Operate on a medium infrared beam, so they are ideal for windy areas as well as covered

✔ 2-year warranty

✔ Corrosion resistant stainless steel

✔ Available in different sizes

fire magic grills

DCS Natural Gas Infrared Heater

This heater ranks up there with the best because of its 56000 BTU output of heat up to 15 feet away.  This heater is a favorite of restaurants and bars and obviously can be incorporated into outdoor kitchens and bars as well.   It easily mounts to the wall or ceiling and can be equipped with an extending mounting kit.

✔ Wall and ceiling mount

✔ Remote control on/off

✔ Extension Mounting kit available

✔ Corrosion resistant Stainless steel

✔ Produces heat up to 15 feet away

✔ Natural gas only

Best Gas Fire Pits

Want to enjoy your patio or backyard area year round? Add comfort and ambiance to your patio with a beautiful gas fire pit. We’ve reviewed a few of the best gas fire pits that we have available to help when choosing a fire pit option for your backyard.

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Firetainment “Santiago” 42-inch

American Fyre Designs 36-inch Fire Bowl

Outdoor Plus “Sienna” 37-inch Fire Bowl

Napoleon Linear Gas Fire Pit


Firetainment “Santiago” 42-inch

A beautiful round table that is eye-catching and great for people to use as a centerpiece for entertainment. With many options to choose from, you can have this fire table customized to your liking. With additional options such as a cooking package, these versatile fire tables from Firetainment are a centerpiece everyone will enjoy.

Made in the USA

Full Granite Table Top with Custom Edge Profile

5052 Marine-Grade Aluminum Alloy Base Enclosure with a 9-Stage Powder Coat Process & Easy Access Removable Door Panel

12” 304 Stainless Steel 40,000 BTU Penta-Burner – Promotes a Perfectly Symmetrical Flame Pattern

304 Stainless Steel Burner Pan Ceramic Coated Black – Maintains Product Aesthetic

304 Stainless Steel Braided Gas Connections – No Rubber Hoses

Easy On/Off Match-Lit Burner Assembly Ensures No Issues with Faulty Igniters

304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Feet for Leveling – For Uneven Surfaces

Connects to a Standard 20 lb / 5 Gal. LP Tank

Each Fire Pit Table is Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation

American Fyre Designs

American Fyre Designs 36-inch Fire Bowl

These fire bowls are handcrafted GFRC bowls made to be simple, elegant and have a contemporary look to them, that will look great in any backyard. With many options such and sizes and finishes, it is easy to get a bowl that you will love and will accent your them on your outdoor patio.


Fire Bowl houses 5-gallon propane tank

✔ Fire Bowl comes with a stainless steel burner, hose, and regulator

Constructed From Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Available in either Natural Gas or Propane

Match Lit or AWEIS Ignition

Made in the United States

Stainless Steel Burner

Fire Bowl flame is adjustable for comfortable dining

BTU ratings: 65,000 (NG), 60,000(LP)


Outdoor Plus “Sienna” 37-inch Fire Bowl

Sienna Fire Pit, an earth shade that represents our environment. Its hemispherical structure accentuates the beauty of itself. Our Fire Pits are individually handmade and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. The fire pits we manufacture are durable and long-lasting in a variety of environments. Because of its handmade nature, slight variations in color and texture may occur.

Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 36 in.

Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane

Available colors: Ash, Black, Brown, Chocolate, Gray, Limestone, Vanilla


Napoleon Linear Gas Fire Pit

The Napoleon Linear Patioflame® comes complete with a Hammertone Pewter powder coated cabinet and exclusive Topaz CRYSTALINE ember bed. The convenient piano hinged door allows easy access to the control panel and features a safety valve that turns off the gas if the flame goes out. The burner, burner chassis and convenient cover plate, complete with handle, are made from durable weather resistant brushed stainless steel. A truly unique outdoor fire pit with a slim, sleek modern design, adding to the excitement of outdoor living.

Electronic ignition

Brushed stainless steel burner cover standard

Topaz CRYSTALINE ember bed comes standard

Safety valve turns gas off if the flame goes out

All stainless steel burner chassis for maximum outdoor durability and weather resistance

The cabinet is manufactured from pre-plated rust resistant material, then painted in a textured Hammertone Pewter weather resistant finish

Natural gas conversion kit included

Approved for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios, and concrete

Best Outdoor Ice Makers

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Scotsman – Brilliance 80 lb Ice Machine With Pump Assist Drain

U-Line – 90 lb 15” Outdoor Nugget Ice Machine

Marvel – 34 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Clear Cube Ice Maker

Fire Magic – 63 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Blaze – 50 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain


Scotsman – Brilliance 80 lb Ice Machine With Pump Assist Drain

In our opinion, the Scotsman Brilliance 80 lb. Ice Machine is one of the best Outdoor Ice Makers on the market. This icemaker is constructed of high-quality stainless steel and makes up to 80 lbs of ice per day and can accommodate up to 26 pounds in the light up bin. The Scotsman Brilliance makes the same chew nugget ice they introduced to the foodservice industry (Ex: Sonic) in 1981. A great feature of this ice maker is the control panel that notifies you if no water is being produced and when it’s time to clean the unit. This ice maker is ideal for soft or blended drinks and is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

● Stainless steel construction for durability and longevity

● Smart display control panel notifies when to clean the unit

● Gourmet ice is ideal for cooling down drinks


U-Line – 90 lb 15” Outdoor Nugget Ice Machine

The U-Line Ice Maker is very comparable to the Scotsman. The full stainless steel cabinet and door make this unit acceptable for outdoor use by UL. It can produce more ice than the Scotsman (90 lbs per day) and stores more (30 lbs). This unit is eco-friendly and has the most efficient type of specialty ice. The digital touchpad control has a stylish blue LED display. The indicator alert notifies the user when cleaning is needed. The U-Line Ice Maker has the easiest nugget ice machine cleaning process in the industry which makes this our top recommendation for outdoor ice makers.

● Industry Leading: Produces up to 90 lb of ice per day

● Industry Leading: Stores 30 lb of ice

● Indicator alert notifies the user when cleaning is needed

● Easiest nugget ice machine cleaning process in the industry


Marvel – 34 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Clear Cube Ice Maker

Marvel is a very reputable brand that specializes in outdoor refrigeration. This unit produces up to 24 lbs of clear cube ice per day and can store up to 30 lbs. One of the great features on this ice maker is the sound buffering ice deflector which reduces the impact nice from the ice cubes. Marvel also features a stainless steel ice cutter which keeps the size of the cubes consistent. The thermal efficient cabinet keeps the unit cool in any weather and the stainless steel exterior provides durability and longevity. This ice maker also includes a cleaning mode which keeps maintenance to a minimum. In our opinion, between the cost-effective price and quality you get with Marvel, this is one of the best buys on the market.

● The restaurant like quality clear cubed ice makes for long-lasting beverages!

● The stainless steel ice cutter keeps the size/shapes of the cubes consistent

● Thermal cabinet ensures this unit stays cold in any weather

● Designed with a front vent allowing it to be built in your kitchen structure


Fire Magic – 63 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Our next top pick is the Fire Magic Outdoor Rated Ice Maker. This commercial quality ice maker is constructed of stainless steel and is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. This unit produces an impressive 63 lbs of crystal clear ice per day and stores up to 27 lbs. The constant flow technology allows the unit to continually produces ice as it’s used. Finish your outdoor kitchen with this high-grade ice maker.

● Ice scoop including for serving

● High-quality stainless steel exterior makes for use indoors or outdoors

● Reversible door hinge gives you flexibility for your kitchen layout and the horizontal handle can also be used as a towel bar


Blaze – 50 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Our experts pick the Blaze Outdoor Rated Ice Maker as a top value choice. Constructed of stainless steel, this unit is outdoor rated and produces up to 50 lbs of ice per day and can store up to 25 lbs in the removable bin. Stylish blue LED lights to illuminate the ice and make it easy to see at night. A stainless steel ice scoop and drain/water lines are included with this ice maker. Keep the cold drinks flowing with this high-quality ice maker, it’s the perfect addition for your outdoor kitchen!

● Makes up to 50 lbs of cubed ice per day and can store up to 25 lbs

● This unit has an Energy Start rating ensuring optimal efficiency

● The in-line water filter and cold plate ensures the ice produced is clean

● For added protection, the digital temperature control panel is hidden behind the door

Best Gas Grills Under $2,000

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor grill or get a new one? We have a list of the top-ranked grills under $2,000 that will sear your steak, slow roast that Boston Butt or serve up a huge platter of hamburgers and hotdogs.

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Take a look at our article on 5 things to consider when looking for a new grill.

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Blaze 32″ Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

RCS Premier Series 32″ Grill

Broil King Imperial 590

Broilmaster P3S Super Premium

Blaze 32″ Gas Grill

To start with, the Blaze 32 offers the best in-class lifetime warranty. That is a commercial cooking lifetime warranty too. What does it cover? According to Blaze, the main burners, cooking grids, the body, the heat zone separators and the control valves. Experienced chefs know the cooking grid and the separators are among the first parts to go on a grill. Even more impressive, this grill turns out a whopping 56,000 BTUs.

Here is a rundown of the best features:

4 burners, you choose propane or natural gas

740 square inches of grilling area

10,000 BTUS rear infrared rotisserie burner

Drip tray

Double lined hood for trapping more of the heat

Need to cook several things at different temperatures? Set up the heat zone separators. Vegetables in one section, meat in another. A removable warming rack means you can keep things at the right temp with other food finishes cooking.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

Napoleon offers 12 lines of grills in all. The Prestige PRO is the top of the line in the Prestige series. Amazing Ribs gives it a “Best Value” award Pitmaster award, which is the highest award the website can give. Consumer Reports (CR) scores it good to excellent across the judging categories.

The CR team listed the top qualities as:

Even cooking performance is very good
Indirect heating is very good
Very Good temperature range from low to high setting
Stainless-steel grates

The only drawback CR lists is “This grill is like most grills and will flare up with high-fat content foods.” So when you are putting some sausages or pork chops on, watch the heat and watch for flames.  Another reason this is a best buy for the Amazing Ribs is the way it heats and cooks evenly. This is also something Consumer Reports noted, saying, “This model had very good performance in our evenness tests of preheat, high and low temperatures, which measures heating evenness over the grill’s surface using thermocouples.” Indirect heat cooking also earned a nod from both reviewers. “This model had very good performance in our indirect-cooking test, which gauges how well grills slow-cook foods when only some of the burners are on and the food isn’t placed directly over the flame,” CR said.

CR’s overall scores were:

Evenness performance – Very Good
Preheat performance – Good
Temperature range – Very Good
Indirect cooking – Very Good
Convenience – Very Good
Sturdiness – Excellent

RCS 32 Premiere Series

RCS Premier Series 32″ Grill

A feature we love in this grill is the full-depth slide-out drip tray. No more mess in the bottom of the grill when cooking high-fat foods. The tray also works wonders on controlling flare-ups from dripping liquid fat. The tray can also hold wood shavings to add a wood smoke flavor to any meat you are cooking.  

A shelf on each slide lets you place a tray to gather the meat without needing to hold the platter.  Keep sauces on hand to add at the exact right moment.

Some top features are:  

Lifetime warranty
Full Stainless steel construction, including the tube burners
Ceramic briquettes for superior heat distribution and flavor  

This grill comes with a lifetime warranty. Cook all you want to and the next generation will still use it to sear some steaks or turn a rack of ribs into a perfect main course.  

Right now RCS is offering a free infrared burner and a cover with the purchase of any RCS grill.

Broil King

Broil King Imperial 590

The only negative thing Consumer Reports could find to say is the flaring problem with high-fat foods. On the upside, CR says it heats evenly and preheating is “good.” Indirect cooking is excellent, so get ready to slow smoke a rash of fresh sausages. The temperature range and convenience are very good. With an excellent rating in sturdiness, this grill will last for decades.

A huge upsell that this grill has over all the others on our list is the fact that Broil King includes 2 years parts & labor on all grills sold. This is usually reserved for grills at much higher price points.

Some important features are:

625 inches of main grilling area and another 250 inches in the secondary
Space for 28 burgers at one time – feed the neighborhood!
5 burners cranking out 55,000 BTUs
Propane or natural gas.

Two right-side storage areas give you plenty of space to keep your grilling tools at the ready. The two side burners let you mix your famous barbecue sauce on one side and cook some corn on the cob on the other side.


Broilmaster P3S Super Premium

The Broilmaster P3S Super Premium is the top of the line from the Broilmaster grill line.

“This grill, the top of the Broilmaster line, is unique and built like a tank,” says The Spruce Eats. The website explains the P3S Super Premium is made from cast aluminum so it will last for decades. If you are looking for a feature-rich grill, this is not for you. If you are looking for a simple grilled that lets you do the cooking and the controlling, this is may be the one for your patio.

An internal shutter system allows you to switch between direct and indirect heat while you are cooking. With 605 square inches of cooking area, you can fit enough food for the whole family. The tall lid means it will hold a turkey or a large roast.

Outstanding features include:

Internal stainless steel parts
Dual stainless steel bowtie burners for long life and even heat
Height adjustable grid so you can warm and grill at the same time
A 1/4 inch stainless steel griddle perfect for cooking up breakfast on a Saturday morning

Unlike many grill makers today, Broilmaster still builds in the United States. The grill comes with a lifetime warranty so your grandkids can someday tend the grill while you sit under the big umbrella and enjoy the cold beverage of your choice.

Best Charcoal Grills

     There are some decisions in life that do take more careful consideration than others. For example, choosing your life partner, deciding on which career path you are going to take…. and deciding on the right Charcoal Grill. Yep, we put Charcoal Grills right up there with those momentous life decisions. Because it’s not just meat. As any BBQ and smoky meat lover will tell you, the difference between a slow-cooked, smoky charcoal grill steak and a regular steak slapped on a pan is a deep, wide chasm.

     Charcoal grills are the ideal choice for the beef connoisseur on the search for smoky meat that just falls off the bone. Cooking meat on a charcoal grill over an extended period of time results in meat that retains its moisture as well as retaining its nutrients. It is a BBQ win-win situation.

     So, if you are in the market for a charcoal grill, we have compiled our top charcoal grill choices for 2019 to help you make the decision of which grill will suit you best! From top of the range to our mid-range charcoal grills, you cannot go wrong. The hardest choice is narrowing down to the one that suits you and your family best.

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Twin Eagles Charcoal Grill

Fire Magic Legacy Charcoal Smoker

Blaze Charcoal Grill

Everdure Fusion Charcoal Grill

View All Charcoal Grills

Twin Eagles Grills

Twin Eagles Charcoal Grill

The Twin Eagles 30” Charcoal Grill offers 520 square inches of grilling space with easy to use temperature control louvers. Enjoy the delectable smoky flavors that infuse your meat with minimal fuss due to the convenient reloading and stoking capabilities of this grill complete with a front access door. Complete with a warming/cooling rack and an inset temperature gauge, BBQ grilling has never been easier. We particularly love the adjustable charcoal tray and double-lined hood that add to the design of this sleek grill with high end polished accents to withstand the elements.

fire magic grills

Fire Magic Legacy Charcoal Smoker

The Fire Magic Legacy 30-Inch Built-In Smoker Charcoal Grill is a family and crowd favorite. With a massive 540 square inch cooking surface, you will be able to feed your entire neighborhood. Sleek and stylish, the Fire Magic Smoker and grill boasts all stainless steel construction to blend in with any outdoor styling, whilst the heavy-duty smoker hood ensures its expert functionality in grilling the perfect BBQ spread. Its precise analog thermometer will guarantee your meat is cooked to absolute perfection each and every time. Adding charcoal and smoker chips is a simple process thanks to the easy access charcoal drawer. Convert to indirect cooking or a warming rack with the included charcoal shield. A must for those who love to pit on a feast for family and friends.

fire magic grills
Blaze 32" Charcoal Grill - BLZ-4-CHAR

Blaze Charcoal Grill

For those looking for the middle of the range, affordable yet commercial style charcoal grill, then the Blaze Charcoal Grill is for you. Its four individual cooking grids boast an easy hook and hang system so you can easily add charcoal and wood whilst cooking. We love the variation between cooking temperatures of the grill with an adjustable charcoal tray and a pull out ash pan making the clean up a breeze. With a rear vent to adjust and control the airflow and a double-lined hood, you can rest assured your Blaze Charcoal Grill will maintain heat for the perfect grilling of your favorite meat. Its 304 stainless steel components will ensure your meat is grilled in the sturdiest of grills with long-lasting durability.

fire magic grills

Everdure Fusion Charcoal Grill

We are a huge fan of the Everdure Fusion Electric Ignition Charcoal Grill with its rotiscope patented rotisserie system technology. Make your next BBQ a hit with family and friends
with this 257 square inch cooking area and fast flame ignition system. In just 10 minutes your charcoal is burning bright and ready to infuse your protein of choice. From chickens to suckling pigs, the jaw-like cliplock forks in this commercial-quality rotisserie will hold any protein well in place, powered by its discrete motor. We adore the minimalistic Danish design of this rotisserie as it takes the best of both worlds to finish with the smoky, infused flavours that come with a charcoal grill. With set and forget controls and the added benefit of overheat protection system, all you need to do is set the grill up and away you go. Better yet the fusion system is transportable with a free-standing pedestal to help you move your grill with ease. Be at the top of the next invite list with your Everdure Fusion Charcoal Grill.

View All Charcoal Grills

No matter which way you decide to go, all our Charcoal Grills guarantee the most delicious, tender and succulent meat with that smoky flavor that charcoal grills are renowned for. So take your time and browse our selection of grills to see what charcoal grill will best suit you.

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