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Built-In Pellet Grills: Memphis Pro vs. Louisiana Estate Series

Built-In Pellet Grills: Memphis Pro vs. Louisiana Estate Series

How Pellet Grills Work

Have you ever wanted to create your own BBQ style smoked ribs or a delicious slow-cooked brisket, but don’t know where to start? Using a great pellet grill makes it a breeze to achieve that great taste to impress friends and family. Pellet grills are relatively new to the grilling industry and give the user necessary tools to be able to smoke whatever they like with the simple push of a button to control your grill temperature. Wood pellets use an auger to move the pellets from a hopper to a fire-pot that ignites the pellets creating a fire, then using a fan to create convection heat effect to evenly cook the food and add smoky flavor.

Louisiana Estate Series Built-In Pellet Grill

Louisiana Grills have a vast array of options when it comes to grills. This grill features plenty of cooking space that gives you 860 square inches of cooking surface, which includes an upper rack.

Other features on the grill include cast-iron cooking surface, stainless steel construction, a stainless steel body, and a large hidden pellet hopper.

This pellet grill is able to sustain cooking temperature from 180 to 600-degrees Fahrenheit. Included with the grill is a programmable meat probe so that you can cook your meats to that perfect temperature. The Louisiana Estate Series built-in pellet grill comes in at $1,999.00.

Memphis Pro Built-In Pellet Grill

Marketed as a 3 in 1 cooking center, this unit is able to work as a full high temp grill, a smoker, and even a convection oven.

With the main grilling area of 562 sq. inches and a high capacity 18 lbs. dual capacity hopper, it allows you to mix your favorite wood pellets to get the flavors you want out of your food.

Coming in at a higher price point at $3,899.00, this pellet grill is packed with features that lets you excel at any type of cooking you would want to try.

With the one-touch temperature control means you can start cooking and keep your desired temperature without having to constantly watch over the food.

Fuel Type: 100% All Natural Hardwood BBQ Pellets

Control Type: Digital Control

 Meat Probe: Full-Function

 Cooking Temperature Range: 180° to 600° F

Standard Flame broiler: Simple Slide-Plate for direct and indirect flame grilling

Grid Construction 304 Stainless Steel

Total Cooking Surface: 860 Sq. Inches

 Main Level: 579 Sq. Inches

 Upper Level: 281 Sq. Inches

Cooking Grid Dimensions: 43.75 H X 50.75 W X 24 D

 Large Hidden Hopper

 Price: $1,999.00

 18 lb. high capacity wood pellet hopper

 Dual Fan combustion/convention blower system

 Deep Grease and ash drawers and drawer guides

 One Touch Intelligent Temperature Control Automatically maintains your desired temperature

Heavy-duty double wall and sealed construction keeps consistent temperatures in all weather

 Cooking Temperature Range: 180° to 650° F

Cooking Grid Dimensions: 28 H X 28 W X 30 D

 Price: $3,899.00

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that the Louisiana Estate series built in pellet grill is the best value on the market when it comes to built in pellet grills, but you definitely notice the difference in the performance and quality with the Memphis Pro. At the end of the day if your looking for the best value then the Louisiana Estate Series is the grill for you. If you want industry leading performance then the Memphis Pro will exceed your expectations.