Prefab Outdoor Kitchens vs. Custom Framed Outdoor Kitchens

Designing and building or buying your dream outdoor kitchen set-up is easier than ever. With all the options available today it can get overwhelming trying to find the perfect solution that suits your needs. That’s where we come in, as experts in the outdoor kitchen industry we’ve seen just about everything and know how to choose kitchen components you’ll be enjoying for years. Take a look at some of our favorite premium brands that we carry.

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Prefab outdoor kitchen islands built out of modular components seem to be the most popular outdoor kitchen option over the last couple of years. Most well-known grill brands are now offering their own options for a modular kitchen set-up. These type of outdoor kitchens are a great option for customers looking to save a little money, not wanting to wait for a custom outdoor kitchen build, or maybe short on space. Here are a few points to consider if a prefab outdoor kitchen set-up is right for you: 

  • Fewer Options to Choose From 

    Modular or prefab options offer less freedom for design than custom options but there's usually enough modular units to build your kitchen in whichever configuration you prefer.

  • More Economical Choice Than Custom

    Due to the fact that these are manufactured at volume by our brands, they are usually a more price conscious option than going for a full custom set-up.

  • Quicker ship time

    If you're looking to get an outdoor kitchen up and running in around a week this will be your best option. Most of our prefab islands are stocked and ready to ship out right away.

Framed Outdoor Kitchens

This option is going to be perfect for someone who knows exactly what they want and doesn’t mind paying for it. A custom framed outdoor kitchen can be designed for you in-house here at The Outdoor Appliance Store and shipped directly to your home nationwide. To get started on a custom design, check out our free outdoor kitchen design service.

  • Get Exactly What you Want 

    Most customers going the custom route have a vision of exactly what they want their outdoor kitchen to look like.

  • Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design

    You'll be able to work directly with our design team to come up with a 3D digital design of what your kitchen will look like. Making sure your satisfied before purchasing equipment.

  • Longer Lead Time/ More Expensive

    If you know exactly what you want and won't compromise it will take longer and cost a little more but you will get exactly what you wanted; designed and delivered to your door.

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