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Blaze Standard and LTE Grill Review

Blaze Standard and LTE Grill Review

The Standard Blaze Grill has exceptional value and quality. Including Durable components like the commercial-grade cast stainless steel burners. The Blaze grill is a backyard performer that comes with a lifetime warranty!. 

Features We Love

Blaze had one basic innovation in mind when they started producing grills – Extract the greatest characteristics of all the grills that have been tried-and-true and forget about the rest. This without a doubt displays the excellence of the grills they build today.

Blaze Grills are fabricated with 304-grade stainless steel, which is industrial-strength and provides superb rust protection. You will be very impressed with the heavy-duty cast stainless steel burners. Typically, cast stainless steel burners are only implemented in the premium, higher-end gas grills. Using cast stainless substantially increases the longevity of the burners when compared with welded tube burners from competing brands.

The heat zone separators give you the ability to cook different foods at the same time on different temperatures. That being said, if you’re cooking something that covers the entire grill surface, make sure to take out the separators so the food cooks evenly. Furthermore, Blaze grills are constructed with a double-lined hood which prevents the hood from discoloring because of the intense heat and also helps keep the heat inside the grill. The Stainless Steel flame-tamers are perforated to allow better air-flow to the burners beneath, even heat distribution, and to burn off any grease that may drip down.

If looking to add to the capabilities of the grill, Blaze has several quality options, encompassing an infrared burner for searing, rotisserie kit, and smoker boxBlaze honors a lifetime warranty on the cast stainless steel burners, cooking grates, and all stainless steel components, as well as the flame tamers. They are one of the few grill companies to have that great of a warranty in the industry.

Things to Consider:

Although there is much to love about this grill, it is a straightforward grill. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the more high-end grills have (LED knobs, interior lighting, etc). With that being said, if that’s something you want, the Blaze LTE has all of the same impressive features as the Blaze gas grill, plus flashy LED lighting on the knobs, interior lighting for grilling in the dark, and upgraded triangular shaped cooking grates that make an excellent surface for cooking that produces restaurant-quality sear marks.

You’ll Love This Grill If:

You want a cost-effective grill that is built with great workmanship and provides features found only on the more high end, expensive gas grills.

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