Can you envision the perfect thin crust pizza with extra toppings coming out of your own backyard oven? Pizzerias and trattorias are everywhere but now you can turn your backyard into your own pizzeria! There is nothing more enticing than rolling out some dough and gathering some of your favorite toppings and crisping it up in your own backyard oven. Let's take a look at some of the best outdoor pizza ovens available today.

Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven

Quick Overview:
Very stylish pizza oven from a great grill company; bakes pizza in a minimum of 4 minutes; sleek LED lights on the control knob, great warranty; made in the USA.
Great Features & Benefits:
The Lynx Napoli pizza oven is another great appliances that complement the extensive line of stylish and high-quality products from Lynx. This aesthetically appealing pizza oven has a sleek, stainless steel body with hand-polished edges and modern blue LED lights on the knobs. The top of the interior dome is made of a specially made material that reflects the heat back onto the whole ceramic cooking surface. A great feature is that the entire baking stone pulls out, just like a drawer, making it easy to check on your food or take your pizza out when it’s ready with the pizza peel that Lynx includes. We also really love that the top chimney is reversible, which allows us to choose to vent towards the front or the back, depending on where the oven is located. Lynx stands out from most pizza ovens because they don’t have a direct flame burner, instead, it implements power infrared burners that are rated at 40,000 BTU’s of power. This gives the oven the ability to heat up quickly to 700°F for baking pizzas. Because it’s designed just like an oven, you can cook roasts, baked dishes, and much more very easily. The recipes and directions for these can be found in the recipe book that Lynx includes to help you get the most out of your Lynx pizza oven. All Lynx products are manufactured in the USA by highly trained craftsmen for quality, durability, and style, allowing them to stand firmly behind this oven with confidence. They offer a lifetime warranty against rust on the stainless steel housing and burners, as well as a five-year warranty on the top of the unit.

Quick Overview:
Real genuine wood-fired brick oven; incredible wood-fire flavor taste, plenty of cooking surface, allowing you to cook many different types of food; well-constructed with high-grade materials; made in the USA.
Great Features & Benefits:
Chicago Brick pizza ovens were made to emulate the classic brick ovens but are designed with modern-day materials. The oven has a dome shape and a one-piece design. The dome is made of a very durable refractory cement, which is perfect for casting into custom designs, as it will hold its shape while drying. The low height of the dome compels heat to travel around inside, to distribute the heat evenly throughout the oven. This makes the heat concentrated and rise up to nearly 1000°F. Remaining true to a genuine brick oven, your food is cooked in the same chamber as the fire. This cooking technique will give your food more wood flavor than other ovens with different cooking and fire chambers. There are two different models, the 500 & 750 series. The cooking surface is 29” wide X 23” deep on the 500 series. The cooking surface on the 750 series is 48” wide X 28” deep. Both ovens can cook multiple pizzas (as well as other foods) simultaneously. One of the greatest benefits of having a Chicago Brick Oven is the ability of versatile cooking. For instance, you can start with appetizers and then go on to the main entrees (pizza, steaks, chicken, etc) and then as the temperature starts to go down, bake breads and finish with a delicious dessert (cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, etc).
Things to think about:
The oven must go through a process called curing before you can begin to cook. This requires steadily heating charcoal and letting it burn in the oven. We recommend going through an entire 15 lb bag of charcoal, and this process usually takes up to a day to complete. Just like most wood-fired ovens, it does take a little while for the fire to get hot enough to start cooking. It works best when you start with a small fire and steadily add to it. When the inside walls turn from black to a light gray, you’ll know the oven is close to 700°F. This is the ideal temperature for many types of cooking. Allow about an hour for the oven to reach this temperature.

The Alfresco Built in Outdoor grill makes our list year because of its power and superior construction. The 36-inch grill incorporates 660 square inches of cooking space, with powerful burners producing up to 82,500 BTU’s. Choosing to add an infrared sear zone, will upgrade you to 18,500 BTU’s of output on a single burner. This grill comes with a higher price tag than some of our other recommendations, but the superior quality and durable construction of the grill is worth the extra money. Additionally the lifetime warranty on this grill will ensure that it performs for years.

The built-in rotisserie system is chain driven and has a spit that holds 120 pounds of meat. The integrated smoker box, 3-position warming rack, and bright halogen lights all come standard on this grill.

We love the accessories available. Indirect roasting pods, steamer/fryer inserts are available as well as a commercial griddle pan. We also like the fact that the solid fuel inserts are available for this grill so that the grill can easily be converted to a wood or charcoal base system.

Quick Overview:
Constructed of heavy-duty 430-grade stainless steel; has many uses and abilities with the three cooking racks; a full display window and lights inside the oven.
Great Features & Benefits:
The Pacific Living Pizza Oven has the quality and affordability, all in one. They really did a great job with their attention to detail and offer some great features. This oven is very easy to operate and was made with convenience in mind. It is constructed with heavy-duty 430 stainless steel which looks great and will really hold up in the elements. Lighting the oven is easy, simply turn the knob, just like an indoor oven! We have tested the electronic ignition and have had no issues - fires up every time in about 3 seconds. There are also lights on the inside and a full display window so you can keep an eye on the food as it’s cooking. This oven has three removable cooking racks and comes with a free pizza stone! Pacific Living also gives you the option to add great smoky flavors to your food with their wood chip smoker box!

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