The Best Outdoor Ice Makers

Best Outdoor Ice Makers

Discover the finest outdoor ice makers through our comprehensive blog. Uncover expert insights, reviews, and top recommendations to enhance your outdoor entertaining. From efficient performance to durable designs, find your ideal outdoor ice maker for keeping drinks chilled and gatherings refreshed.

Whether you’re hosting backyard parties, enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the pool, or simply seeking to keep your beverages cool during outdoor adventures, we’re here to guide you through the world of outdoor ice makers. Our expert insights, comprehensive reviews, and valuable tips will help you make informed decisions, ensuring that you find the perfect ice maker to suit your outdoor lifestyle.

Join us on this journey as we explore the top options available and uncover the key features that make a standout outdoor ice maker. Let’s elevate your outdoor experiences with the convenience and refreshment of perfectly chilled ice.

Perlick15″ Signature Series Clear Ice Maker 

Perlick - 15″ Signature Series Clear Ice Maker 

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance with the Perlick 15″ Signature Series Clear Ice Maker.  With NSF-certified ice-making technology, every cube is free of impurities, ensuring a pure and refreshing taste that enhances the flavor of your beverages.

The unique top hat shape of the ice cubes prevents clumping, guaranteeing a drink that’s easy to prepare and visually appealing. Say goodbye to watered-down drinks. The impurity-free ice melts at a slower pace, allowing you to savor your beverage without it quickly diluting. This ice maker is a powerhouse, producing up to 51 lbs. of ice per day and boasting a storage capacity of 22 lbs., ensuring you’ll never run out of ice during your gatherings or parties.

Designed for versatility, all models of the Perlick Signature Series Clear Ice Maker are UL-rated for outdoor use, making it a perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment area. Choose between a stainless steel or panel-ready door, with the panel-ready option ready to accept a customer-supplied overlay and handle, blending seamlessly with your existing décor.


Scotsman Brilliance – 65 Lb. 15-Inch Outdoor Rated Gourmet Ice Machine

Scotsman Brilliance - 65 Lb. 15-Inch Outdoor Rated Gourmet Ice Machine

The Scotsman SCCG50Mb-1SS undercounter top hat/gourmet ice maker creates crystal clear, tasteless, odorless ice that melts slowly, making it perfect for mixed drinks and liquor served on the rocks.

  • 65 lbs. ice production daily
  • Stores 26 lbs. of ice in a built-in bin
  • Top hat/gourmet ice cubes melt slowly and preserve the taste of the drink, making them perfect for mixed drinks and in liquor served on the rocks
  • Ideal for bars, catered events, or any food-service establishment serving premium cocktails and liquor on the rocks
  • Custom wood styling is available (inquire when ordering)
    Stainless steel construction is heavy duty for commercial use and resistant to corrosion
  • Rated to be used outdoors
  • Air-cooled condensing unit



U-Line – 15″ Reversible Hinge Outdoor Clear Ice Maker

U-Line - 15″ Reversible Hinge Outdoor Clear Ice Maker

The U-line UOCP115-SS01B Ice Maker made it to the best outdoor ice maker list because is a great option for those who want a high-quality ice maker. It produces up to 55 pounds of ice per day and can store up to 25 pounds of ice. Plus, the digital touchpad control with a blue LED display makes it easy to use. The U-Choose feature also allows you to select how full you want your ice cubes, so you can customize them to your needs. And, if you need a break from making ice, the silent setting will temporarily suspend ice-making for three hours.

This unit is designed to operate between 50F (10C) and 100F (38C). Higher ambient temperatures may reduce the unit’s ability to reach low temperatures and/or reduce ice production on applicable models. For best performance, keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from heat-generating equipment. In climates where high humidity and dew points are present, condensation may appear on outside surfaces. This is considered normal. The condensation will evaporate when the humidity drops.

  • Makes clear cubes approx. 78 W x 78 H x 78 L
  • Produces up to 55 lb of ice per day
  • Stores up to 25 lb of ice-
  • Digital touchpad control with blue LED display
  • U-Choose feature allows you to select ice fullness
  • A silent setting temporarily suspends ice-making for 3 hours
  • An indicator alert notifies the user when cleaning is needed
  • Easiest clear ice machine cleaning process in the industry


Fire Magic – 63 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Fire Magic – 63 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Our next top pick is the Fire Magic Outdoor Rated Ice Maker. Constructed of stainless steel, this commercial-quality ice maker is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. This unit produces an impressive 63 lbs of crystal clear ice per day and stores up to 27 lbs. The constant flow technology enables the unit to continuously produce ice as it is used. Complete your outdoor kitchen with this high-grade ice maker.

  • Ice scoop included for serving
  • High-quality stainless steel exterior allows for use indoors or outdoors
  • The reversible door hinge provides flexibility for your kitchen layout, and the horizontal handle doubles as a towel bar.


Blaze – 50 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Blaze – 50 lb 15” Outdoor Rated Ice Maker With Gravity Drain

Our experts pick the Blaze Outdoor Rated Ice Maker as a top-value choice. This outdoor-rated unit, constructed of stainless steel, produces up to 50 lbs of ice daily and can store up to 25 lbs in the removable bin. Stylish blue LED lights to illuminate the ice and make it easy to see at night. This ice maker includes a stainless steel ice scoop and drain/water lines. Keep the cold drinks flowing with this high-quality ice maker, it’s the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen!

  • Make up to 50 lbs of cubed ice per day and can store up to 25 lbs
  •  This unit has an Energy Start rating ensuring optimal efficiency
  • The in-line water filter and cold plate ensure the ice produced is clean
  • The hidden door conceals the digital temperature control panel for added protection

Choose from top brands to find the perfect addition to your Outdoor Kitchen. We have the expertise and high-quality products to turn your outdoor cooking dreams into a reality.  Connect with us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram for more tips on enhancing your outdoor kitchen.

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