The Best of Fire Magic Grills

a Fire Magic grill and coordinating appliances in black elevates this outdoor kitchen

In the realm of outdoor cooking, Fire Magic Grills stand as iconic symbols of innovation, luxury, and unparalleled performance. Renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and superior cooking capabilities. Fire Magic Grills redefines the art of grilling, promising enthusiasts an unmatched culinary experience. As grill aficionados seek the pinnacle of outdoor culinary excellence. Fire Magic emerges as the ultimate choice. Offering a range of exceptional models designed to elevate every outdoor cooking endeavor to new heights.


Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i Grill

First, at the pinnacle of Fire Magic’s lineup lies the Echelon Diamond E790i Grill. A masterpiece of engineering and culinary innovation. Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel and featuring seamless welded construction. This grill exudes durability, elegance, and longevity. Equipped with an advanced digital thermometer and integrated meat probe. The Echelon Diamond E790i offers precise temperature control and monitoring for flawless cooking results. With patented Diamond Sear cooking grids, infrared burners, and a dedicated smoker burner. This grill delivers exceptional heat distribution and versatility, allowing grillmasters to sear, smoke, and roast with ease.


Fire Magic Aurora A660i Grill

Next, for those seeking uncompromising performance in a more compact package. The Aurora A660i Grill is a true standout. Featuring a sleek stainless steel design and innovative cooking technology. This grill offers the perfect balance of style and functionality. The cast stainless steel burners, flavor grids, and heat zone separators ensure even heat distribution across the cooking surface. While the integrated rotisserie system allows for effortless roasting of meats and poultry. With its spacious cooking area and powerful performance, the Aurora A660i Grill is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen or entertainment area.


Fire Magic Legacy 23″ Deluxe Gourmet Grill

Then, the Legacy, is ideal for those with limited outdoor space or as a versatile addition to an existing outdoor kitchen setup. The Legacy Deluxe Gourmet Countertop Grill offers exceptional performance in a compact package. Featuring durable stainless steel construction and powerful cast stainless steel burners. This grill delivers consistent heat and precise temperature control for flawless cooking results. The adjustable warming rack, integrated smoker box, and optional rotisserie kit add versatility and functionality, allowing users to explore a variety of cooking techniques with ease. With its sleek design and impressive performance, the Legacy Deluxe Gourmet Countertop Grill is the perfect solution for outdoor cooking enthusiasts with discerning tastes.


Fire Magic Choice C430s Grill

Lastly, an option designed for outdoor enthusiasts who seek premium performance without compromising on space or budget. The Fire Magic Choice C430s Grill is a testament to quality and versatility. Crafted with the same attention to detail as its larger counterparts. This compact grill packs a punch with its stainless steel construction and powerful cast stainless steel burners. Equipped with precise temperature control and an easy-to-read thermometer. The Choice C430s ensures consistent cooking results every time. With its sleek design and efficient cooking capabilities, this grill is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces, balconies, or as a secondary grill in larger outdoor kitchens.


A Taste Of History

Fire Magic grills boast a rich history that spans over eight decades. Arguably, one marked by innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to culinary excellence. The story of Fire Magic begins in 1937 when Harold Keck, founder of Modern Home Products, introduced the world’s first gas grill. This groundbreaking invention revolutionized outdoor cooking. Offering homeowners an alternative to traditional charcoal grills.

Then, in 1956, Modern Home Products launched the “Sizzler” – the first stainless steel gas grill. This marked a significant milestone in the company’s history. Setting a new standard for durability and performance in outdoor cooking appliances.

Next, as the demand for high-quality grills continued to grow, Modern Home Products introduced the Fire Magic brand in the 1970s. Notably, focusing exclusively on premium outdoor cooking equipment. Fire Magic quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. A brand renowned for its superior craftsmanship, innovative features, and unmatched reliability.

Fianlly, over the years, Fire Magic has continued to innovate, introducing a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and design enhancements to its grills. From the patented Diamond Sear cooking grids to the introduction of infrared burners and digital temperature control systems. Fire Magic has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor cooking.

Lastly, Fire Magic Grills represent the epitome of outdoor culinary excellence. Whilst, offering unmatched performance, versatility, and style. From the Echelon Diamond E790i to the Aurora A660i. These grills embody the perfect fusion of form and function, elevating outdoor cooking to an art form.

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