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Best Gas Grills Under $2,000

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor grill or get a new one? We have a list of the top-ranked grills under $2,000 that will sear your steak, slow roast that Boston Butt or serve up a huge platter of hamburgers and hotdogs.

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Take a look at our article on 5 things to consider when looking for a new grill.

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Blaze 32″ Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

RCS Premier Series 32″ Grill

Broil King Imperial 590

Broilmaster P3S Super Premium

Blaze 32″ Gas Grill

To start with, the Blaze 32 offers the best in-class lifetime warranty. That is a commercial cooking lifetime warranty too. What does it cover? According to Blaze, the main burners, cooking grids, the body, the heat zone separators and the control valves. Experienced chefs know the cooking grid and the separators are among the first parts to go on a grill. Even more impressive, this grill turns out a whopping 56,000 BTUs.

Here is a rundown of the best features:

4 burners, you choose propane or natural gas

740 square inches of grilling area

10,000 BTUS rear infrared rotisserie burner

Drip tray

Double lined hood for trapping more of the heat

Need to cook several things at different temperatures? Set up the heat zone separators. Vegetables in one section, meat in another. A removable warming rack means you can keep things at the right temp with other food finishes cooking.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

Napoleon offers 12 lines of grills in all. The Prestige PRO is the top of the line in the Prestige series. Amazing Ribs gives it a “Best Value” award Pitmaster award, which is the highest award the website can give. Consumer Reports (CR) scores it good to excellent across the judging categories.

The CR team listed the top qualities as:

Even cooking performance is very good
Indirect heating is very good
Very Good temperature range from low to high setting
Stainless-steel grates

The only drawback CR lists is “This grill is like most grills and will flare up with high-fat content foods.” So when you are putting some sausages or pork chops on, watch the heat and watch for flames.  Another reason this is a best buy for the Amazing Ribs is the way it heats and cooks evenly. This is also something Consumer Reports noted, saying, “This model had very good performance in our evenness tests of preheat, high and low temperatures, which measures heating evenness over the grill’s surface using thermocouples.” Indirect heat cooking also earned a nod from both reviewers. “This model had very good performance in our indirect-cooking test, which gauges how well grills slow-cook foods when only some of the burners are on and the food isn’t placed directly over the flame,” CR said.

CR’s overall scores were:

Evenness performance – Very Good
Preheat performance – Good
Temperature range – Very Good
Indirect cooking – Very Good
Convenience – Very Good
Sturdiness – Excellent

RCS 32 Premiere Series

RCS Premier Series 32″ Grill

A feature we love in this grill is the full-depth slide-out drip tray. No more mess in the bottom of the grill when cooking high-fat foods. The tray also works wonders on controlling flare-ups from dripping liquid fat. The tray can also hold wood shavings to add a wood smoke flavor to any meat you are cooking.  

A shelf on each slide lets you place a tray to gather the meat without needing to hold the platter.  Keep sauces on hand to add at the exact right moment.

Some top features are:  

Lifetime warranty
Full Stainless steel construction, including the tube burners
Ceramic briquettes for superior heat distribution and flavor  

This grill comes with a lifetime warranty. Cook all you want to and the next generation will still use it to sear some steaks or turn a rack of ribs into a perfect main course.  

Right now RCS is offering a free infrared burner and a cover with the purchase of any RCS grill.

Broil King

Broil King Imperial 590

The only negative thing Consumer Reports could find to say is the flaring problem with high-fat foods. On the upside, CR says it heats evenly and preheating is “good.” Indirect cooking is excellent, so get ready to slow smoke a rash of fresh sausages. The temperature range and convenience are very good. With an excellent rating in sturdiness, this grill will last for decades.

A huge upsell that this grill has over all the others on our list is the fact that Broil King includes 2 years parts & labor on all grills sold. This is usually reserved for grills at much higher price points.

Some important features are:

625 inches of main grilling area and another 250 inches in the secondary
Space for 28 burgers at one time – feed the neighborhood!
5 burners cranking out 55,000 BTUs
Propane or natural gas.

Two right-side storage areas give you plenty of space to keep your grilling tools at the ready. The two side burners let you mix your famous barbecue sauce on one side and cook some corn on the cob on the other side.


Broilmaster P3S Super Premium

The Broilmaster P3S Super Premium is the top of the line from the Broilmaster grill line.

“This grill, the top of the Broilmaster line, is unique and built like a tank,” says The Spruce Eats. The website explains the P3S Super Premium is made from cast aluminum so it will last for decades. If you are looking for a feature-rich grill, this is not for you. If you are looking for a simple grilled that lets you do the cooking and the controlling, this is may be the one for your patio.

An internal shutter system allows you to switch between direct and indirect heat while you are cooking. With 605 square inches of cooking area, you can fit enough food for the whole family. The tall lid means it will hold a turkey or a large roast.

Outstanding features include:

Internal stainless steel parts
Dual stainless steel bowtie burners for long life and even heat
Height adjustable grid so you can warm and grill at the same time
A 1/4 inch stainless steel griddle perfect for cooking up breakfast on a Saturday morning

Unlike many grill makers today, Broilmaster still builds in the United States. The grill comes with a lifetime warranty so your grandkids can someday tend the grill while you sit under the big umbrella and enjoy the cold beverage of your choice.