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Best Gas Grills of the Year- 2022

Are you looking for the best gas grills available on the market today? We’ve put together a list of our favorite brands that we carry and what makes the top grills on the market. We chose these grill brands based on quality features, solid 304 stainless steel construction, and industry leading product warranties that help these grills last for years to come.

Still unsure of what to look for when buying a new gas grill? Take a look at our 5 things to consider when buying a new grill.

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  • Twin Eagles C Series Gas Grill
  • Alfresco ALXE Gas Grill
  • Delta Heat Grills
  • Blaze Gas Grills
  • ProFire Indoor Grill.

Twin Eagles C-Series Outdoor Grill


The Twin Eagles Grill offers a unique cooking system that delivers great performance. We find that the grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures and uses less gas but still distributes heat more evenly. The grill utilizes both direct and radiant heating. The briquettes are evenly spaced so that heat rises and then gets distributed evenly throughout the briquettes. Instead of the briquettes heating solely from the bottom, the heat gets distributed to the sides and the tops. Some people don’t like the way the briquettes clean up, but honestly, flipping them over every couple of months and burning off the grease helps. The briquettes will get seasoned and transfer those flavors to your food. Yum!

We love the hexagonal grates that are constructed with ⅜ inch stainless steel (thicker grates = better heat retention). The surface of the grates creates deeper and thicker restaurant style heat marks while offering 640 square inches of cooking surface on the 36-inch model.

If picking up the C model with rotisserie, we love the fact that the motor has 100 lbs of turning capacity. The chain driven design is a great addition to this years model. The grill has two rotisserie positions so that the distance of the food to the burner can appropriately be adjusted. The grill hood assist system also lightens the load on the lift so makes opening and closing the lid a lot easier than some of the other models we looked at. There is also a convenient rod storage compartment located in the grills drip tray handle for easy access. All in all, a great all around grill for the price. These grills are available as built-ins and on carts in a number of different sizes.

Alfresco Grills


The Alfresco outdoor grill makes our list because of its power and superior construction. The 36-inch grill incorporates 660 square inches of cooking space, with powerful burners producing up to 82,500 BTU’s. Choosing to add an infrared sear zone, will upgrade you to 18,500 BTU’s of output on a single burner. This grill comes with a higher price tag than some of our other recommendations, but the superior quality and durable construction of the grill is worth the extra money. Additionally the lifetime warranty on this grill will ensure that it performs for years.

The built-in rotisserie system is chain driven and has a spit that holds 120 pounds of meat. The integrated smoker box, 3-position warming rack, and bright halogen lights all come standard on this grill.

We love the accessories available. Indirect roasting pods, steamer/fryer inserts are available as well as a commercial griddle pan. We also like the fact that the solid fuel inserts are available for this grill so that the grill can easily be converted to a wood or charcoal base system.

Delta Heat


We love the Twin Eagle grills, but for a lower price, Delta Heat is a mid-level grill built by the same company. We like this grill because of the features you get at a great price point. The American Made grill is made by Twin Eagle, whose founder, Dante Cantal is an award-winning gas engineer.

The grill uses a unique combination of direct and radiant heating systems so you get the best of both worlds. The briquettes heat from the bottom as well as the sides and top, while strategically spacing them apart to allow oxygen to flow to the burners. Flipping the grates over once in a while and burning off the grease will help with any build up.

The grill has 18 gauge stainless steel U-Burners and is equipped with a double lined stainless steel hood with seamless welded construction. Delta Heat just recently upgraded their grill warranty – offering a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing and burners. We like the sleek look and innovative design; add-ons such as a rotisserie kit, and sear zone are reasonably priced. The LED control panel lights make sure the BBQ can continue well into the night.

Blaze Grill


The 32 inch 4-burner Blaze grill takes the honor of delivering the best value for a gas grill.

The best thing we like about this grill is the no-frills simplicity of the features offered on the grill. With the standard model, there are no electronics, so you won’t have to worry about any electrical issues down the line. We also love the cast stainless steel burners that are a commercial grade. They are heavy duty, and much more durable than a typical U-shaped burner. The perforated flavor grids that sit on top are easy to clean and are equipped with zone separators so that if you are cooking food at different temperatures, it is easy to adjust. With around 600 square inches of cooking surface, you have enough room to cook your whole meal on the grill.

The grill is basic, but that can both be positive and negative. On one hand, you have a much more reliable unit with no electricity. On the other with the basic model, you have no lighting or electric ignition.

The new LTE model offers red LED lighting and halogen lights on the interior of the hood for grilling at night. The lifetime warranty is also a great perk that comes along with the grill.

ProFire Indoor Grill

As far as indoor grills go, the ProFire is one of our favorites (also one of the only indoor grills out there). It’s a nice size, measuring about 21 inches x 15 inches, 333 inches of cooking surface, and heats up in about 5 minutes. The infrared burner gets hot and the high heat gives your food a nice sear so that moisture is retained.

Grilling at high heat will cause a lot of smoke so an indoor vent hood with at least a 600 CFM blower on the fan will be necessary. That smoke will not dissipate if not properly vented above.

The indoor grill has stainless steel rods and is equipped with a stainless steel cover. We love the griddle that can be purchased separately as well as the heat shield if your unit is up against a wall.

The grids, interior plates are all dishwasher safe so cleanup can be relatively easy. The burner can get a bit sticky so you may have to burn off some grease on high every once in a while, but that’s all part of the infrared experience.

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