Summer is the time for grilling. Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor grill or get a new one? We have a list of the top-ranked grills under $2,000 that will sear your steak, slow roast that Boston Butt or serve up a huge platter of hamburgers and hotdogs.  

Broil King Imperial 590

Broil King Imperial 590 – $1999.00

Broil King Imperial 590

The only negative thing Consumer Reports could find to say is the flaring problem with high-fat foods. On the upside, CR says it heats evenly and preheating is “good.” Indirect cooking is excellent, so get ready to slow smoke a rash of fresh sausages. The temperature range and convenience are very good. With an excellent rating in sturdiness, this grill will last for decades.

A huge upsell that this grill has over all the others on our list is the fact that Broil King includes 2 years parts & labor on all grills sold. This is usually reserved for grills at much higher price points.

Some important features are:

  • 625 inches of main grilling area and another 250 inches in the secondary.
  • Space for 28 burgers at one time – feed the neighborhood!
  • 5 burners cranking out 55,000 BTUs.
  • Propane or natural gas.

Two right side storage areas give you plenty of space token your grilling tools at the ready. The two side burners on the trays let you mix your famous barbecue sauce on one side and cook some corn on the cob on the other side.

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