Here at The Outdoor Appliance Store, we understand how difficult it can be select the perfect grill for your outdoor kitchen. If it's going to be a built-in grill then you're going to want to make the right choice the first time, since it will be fixed to your outdoor kitchen island. In an effort to help you make a decision for your outdoor kitchen we have chosen a few of our favorite models and dug a little deeper to help our customers understand why these grills stand out from the rest of the pack.

Best Freestanding Gas Grills of 2017

     If you're looking for a high-performance outdoor gas grill, but need to keep it mobile or aren't sure if you want to make your grill a permanent fixture then you may be looking for a grill on a cart. A freestanding gas grill is the best route to take if you want a top of the line grill but maybe aren't sure where to put it or don't have an outdoor kitchen island built for it.

Best Freestanding Gas Grills for 2017



Best Built-in Gas Grills of 2017

      Looking for something to round out the beautiful outdoor kitchen that you've designed? A built-in gas grill is always going to be the centerpiece of your outdoor cooking area. Let us help you make this tough decision by going through some of the different popular features that these high-performance barbecue grills include.

Best Built-in Gas Grills for 2017