Looking for something to round out the beautiful outdoor kitchen that you’ve designed? A Built-In Gas Grill would make the perfect centerpiece of your outdoor cooking area. Let us help you make this tough decision by going through some of the different popular features that these high-performance barbecue grills include.


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Alfresco ALXE 36″ Grill:

If you are searching for a versatile Outdoor Built-In Grill Unit, with a multitude of capabilities, you can look no further than the Alfresco 36” ALXE Grill.

Why we recommend this grill:

With attachments, such as a Steamer/Fryer, Griddle Plate, and the Solid Fuel Inserts, the Alfresco is built to handle all types of cooking styles. Alfresco also includes an integrated, hidden Rotisserie Motor with a chain-driven spit that holds up to 120 lbs of meat.  

The ALXE-36 has 18-R stainless steel Main Burners that produce 82,000’s BTU’s of heat and is coupled with an Indirect Briquette cooking system resulting in even heat and reduces flare ups.

A 1500 degree Sear Zone can be fitted into any of the Built-In Grills.The temperatures will cause a beautiful sear in four minutes. The Sear Zone V-Shaped Flavorizer Cooking Grate captures the natural juices, fats, and flavors, caramelizing them to the food to enhance flavors.

The ALXE-36 also has a built in 5000 BTU Smoker to infuse all different types of wood chips, herbs, garlic, etc. into your meats.


Twin Eagles 36” Built-In Grill:

After lots of consideration, the Twin Eagles 36″ Built-In Grill ended up being the clear winner in this division. This is a beautiful product with its briquette style cooking that creates an even heated cooking surface.

Why we recommend this grill:

Twin Eagles Outdoor Gas Grills utilize both direct heat and radiant heat, which allows your grill to reach higher temperatures and distribute heat evenly to the grates. Ceramic briquettes are strategically placed with channels located between the rows to allow heat to rise quicker into the sides and tops of the briquettes. The Twin Eagles 36” Built-In Grill helps the briquettes reach the correct temperature in less time, with less gas.

Twin Eagles Outdoor Grill feature is the ⅜ inch Hexagonal Stainless Steel rods that are located in the grates. The tops of the grates are flat, therefore they retain and conduct heat into your food quicker. The food cooks evenly, leaving you with great restaurant-style sear marks.

A new feature Twin Eagles released in the C-series, is the Built-In Rotisserie System with 100 lbs of turning capacity.


Delta Heat Premium Outdoor Gas Grill:

If you are looking for a premium grill at the right price, we recommend Delta Heat Premium Outdoor Gas Grills in both propane and natural gas styles. The American made Delta Heat Outdoor Gas Grill will give you the temperatures you want while still looking stylish.

Why we recommend this grill:

The Delta Grill has easy add-ons such as a Rotisserie Kit and Infrared Sear Station. In-house, Halogen Lighting Illuminates the cooking surface eliminating the need for external lighting. The blue LED Knob Lights to give it style that goes well in any home, all at an affordable price.

The Delta Heat Outdoor Built-In Gas Grill has direct heat and ceramic radiant briquettes that gives you a great combination for outdoor cooking. The spacing between the briquettes allows the flame to heat up the briquettes more evenly so that they heat up at a faster rate and use less gas. Intense direct heat will sear your meats faster and deeper to seal in more juices.  

The Delta Heat Outdoor Grill has three 18 Gauge Stainless Steel U-Burners and a two position Rotisserie Rack.


Blaze 32 Inch Built-In Grill:

At the Outdoor Appliance Store, a popular request is a quality Outdoor Grill, that doesn't cost a fortune. The answer is the Blaze Outdoor Gas Grill!

Why we recommend this grill:

The Blaze 32 Inch Built-In Grill is priced at $1,349, making this grill affordable and stylish.

It is outfitted with four commercial quality 304 Cast Stainless Steel Burners that deliver 14,000 BTU’s of cooking power each. The Stainless Steel Cooking Grids are 8 mm thick to provide nice thick sear marks on your food. The Blaze grill has Heat Zone Separators, Crossover Tubes, and a full-size Drip Pan.

The Blaze 32 Inch Built-In Grill is simplistic in operation. The Flame-Thrower Ignitions rely on no electronics or batteries, providing an effortless start up performance every time.

Another great feature of the Blaze Grills is the lifetime warranty. They warrant against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship on the Control Valves, Cooking Grids, Stainless Steel Housing, Stainless Steel Burners, Flame Tamers, Heat Zone Separators, and all other Stainless Steel components.