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All About PGS Grills

All About PGS Grills

Finding the perfect BBQ grill can take some research and knowledge, but we’ve done it all for you! We’re here to present all the most helpful information on one of the best quality grill brands in the gas grill market, so you can get to grilling out faster. You might wonder what the top brands for residential and commercial grills are since many great options exist. One of the brands that have premium quality and performance is PGS, Performance Grill Systems. Let’s dive into the PGS grills that are available and why you should consider them.

Why PGS?

Performance Grill Systems is a grill brand that’s been around for over 40 years and is known for its reliability, performance, safety, and sleek aesthetics. They know an outdoor gas grill is an investment, so they make sure to produce a grill that’s completely worth it. In addition to their top quality, PGS grills also have a warranty on many components that should give you peace of mind.

PGS offers a variety of residential and commercial grills that will fit your space beautifully. Once you discover what these premium gas grills have to offer, you will be ready to host the whole neighborhood to grill up a delicious meal with a PGS grill. Here are the residential and commercial lines of grills PGS offers.

PGS Legacy Grills

PGS Legacy Grills rank high in performance and durability. These stainless steel grills feature stainless steel burners and rock grates with a range of 45,000-102,000 BTUs. If you’re looking for a powerful PGS grill, then the Legacy Grills are where you need to look. PGS Legacy Grills are available in either natural gas or propane and built-in or cart. The ceramic rocks allow for even heat distribution and minimal flare-ups, meaning your food is safely grilled to perfection!

No matter what you’re cooking on the PGS Legacy Grills, it stays secure. Because of the variably spaced cooking grid system, you can grill both large and small food without worrying about losing it through the grid. The way PGS Legacy Grills are designed and built, anyone can operate these grills with ease. A PGS Legacy Grill is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or patio!

PGS A-Aluminum Grills

The PGS A-Aluminum Grills are smaller than the Legacy Grills but don’t sacrifice durability or performance! What makes these grills unique is they have heavy-duty permanent mold aluminum head and base castings. The A-Aluminum Grills are grills of strength that will last you a long time. PGS also offers a variety of mounting options for A-Aluminum Grills to fit your needs best.

PGS A-Aluminum Grills range from 30,000-40,000 BTUs, giving you superior quality. You will find a stainless steel “H” burner, as well as stainless steel cooking grids and a stainless steel warming rack. The PGS A-Aluminum Grills are excellent options for your outdoor kitchen and will surely exceed your expectations.

PGS T-Commercial Grills

In addition to residential grills, PGS also offers commercial grills. Their commercial grills are perfect for apartment or condo common areas, outdoor clubs, and restaurants. The PGS T-Commercial Grills are the newest addition to the PGS inventory, and they do not disappoint. They are built with qualities specifically for commercial areas with the same quality and performance you find in the PGS residential grills.

The most exciting feature of the PGS T-Commercial Grills is the one-hour gas flow timer. This feature is ideal for grills that are used in community settings because the gas will automatically turn off after one hour with this setting. Depending on the number of burners, the PGS T-Commercial Grills have 30,000-47,000 BTUs with 330-720 sq. inches of cooking surface. This means you can easily find the exact fit for your commercial space.

Other great qualities of the PGS T-Commercial Grills are the stainless steel cooking grids and stainless steel side shelves. This just screams quality and dependability! There are various base options with the T-Commercial Grills depending on which grill you choose, like built-in, on a cart, black patio post, patio base, and in-ground post. Managers for apartments, golf clubs, resorts, and restaurants will find exactly what they need in the PGS T-Commercial Grills.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to jump in on a new PGS grill or have more questions, reach out to our expert team through live chat, on our website, or by phone at 844-234-7714. We’ll walk you through every step and answer all your questions to ensure we get the perfect size, features, and components you’re looking for in the PGS grill for your home outdoor kitchen or commercial space. You will be delighted with any of the PGS grills, and we’re ready to help you take home a PGS Legacy Grill, A-Aluminum Grill, or T-Commercial Grill.

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