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Alfresco Gas Grill ALXE Series

Alfresco Gas Grill ALXE Series

Alfresco Gas Grill Overview

The Alfresco ALXE grill is a restaurant inspired, premium gas grill.  It has a very sleek look with LED lights, spring-assist hood, top-notch performance/versatility, and made right here in the USA.

Features We Love:

The ALXE series is extremely versatile and offers a beyond exceptional cooking experience. It all begins with their  18-SR stainless steel main burners which produce an astounding 82,500 BTUs. These burners deliver optimal performance thanks to airtight construction of the grill’s firebox and the infrared sear burner option that gets up to 1600 degrees F!

This grill features ceramic briquettes that sit above the stainless steel burners, which are designed to utilize very even heat distribution, no matter what temperature you’re cooking at. The briquette trays are fastened securely into place. The nice thing about the briquettes is that they require very little maintenance – just turn the grill on high and flip the trays over (close the lid for about 20 min). This will burn all the grease and debris off of the briquettes.The smoker box is one the features that really sets Alfresco apart from their competitors. It is integrated and is powered by it’s own, dedicated 5000 BTU burner! This is perfect for infusing great flavors into your food ( charcoal, wood pellets, wine, etc).

The Alfresco ALXE’s rotisserie motor is Alfresco’s most impressive feature. It is completely integrated and concealed from view. The chain driven rod can hold up to 120 lbs allowing you to roast just about any kind of meat you can think of.

It features 304 polished, stainless steel and Amber LED lights on the knobs. These knobs will always be cool to the touch thanks to state-of-the-art air cooled front control panel. This USA made grill is aesthetically pleasing and has all the multifaceted features you could possibly need for an optimal grilling experience.
Alfresco is one of our top recommendations for premium grills. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of the stainless steel components as well as the burners. They also offer a “Freedom Warranty” which insures they finance all parts and repairs for two years!

Things to consider:

The Alfresco gas grill’s sear zone yields an incredible amount of heat. The only downside is that it doesn’t provide much of a low temperature setting when cooking more delicate foods. Keep in mind when purchasing that this grill will get plenty hot enough to sear, even without purchasing the infrared sear burner option.

The Alfresco gas grill is perfect for you if:

You want a state-of-the-art, commercial quality grill that is built for optimal performance and will last a lifetime.

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