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5 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Gas Griddle

5 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Gas Griddle

Whether you just added an outdoor gas griddle to your outdoor kitchen or you are considering if it’s right for you, you’re in for a treat. An outdoor gas griddle is one of the most versatile outdoor kitchen appliances and truly allows you to get your creative juices flowing. Need some tips to get started? We have five different ways to use your outdoor gas griddle to get more unique experiences in the backyard with family and friends, plus some of the top outdoor gas griddles. These are simple, delicious, and will be a crowd-pleaser all the time!

1. Breakfast for Dinner

When you find yourself in a recipe rut or just don’t feel like preparing a big meal, where do you turn? A nice plate of pancakes and bacon is all you need. Like an indoor electric griddle, your outdoor bbq griddle can whip up some fantastic breakfast staples. If your outdoor griddle is large enough, you can grill the whole meal at once, pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon. Just don’t forget the syrup, and you are set for a delicious breakfast, no matter the time of day.

2. Hibachi for a Crowd

Now’s your chance to show off your hibachi chef skills and toss some shrimp to the crowd. In all seriousness, your outdoor gas griddle is a perfect way to grill smaller food that might not work well on your bbq grill. Chop some vegetables, dice up chicken and steak, add some shrimp, and everyone’s favorite, fried rice. A delicious hibachi meal is a fun and unique way to experience your outdoor kitchen. It gets everyone involved, and the result is a filling and tasty dinner.

3. Gourmet Sandwiches

When we say grill up some sandwiches on your gas griddle, we aren’t talking about your average weekday lunch options. An outdoor gas griddle allows you to get a perfectly grilled sandwich since there’s even heat throughout the griddle. You can get fancy with a grilled cheese by adding unique spreads and ingredients or making an extra meaty sandwich with roast beef or steak. Pair it with a bagged salad or chips, and you have yourself an easy meal everyone enjoys.

4. Famous Smash Burgers

You can get one of the famous smash burgers at a fast-food restaurant, but why not make it in the comfort of your backyard?! Smash burgers require a flat top surface since the patties are smashed very thin while cooking. While smash burgers are unique takes on hamburgers already, there are many variations with toppings, seasonings, and sauces to make it even more custom to your liking. You’ll perfect your smashing technique in no time and whip up everyone’s favorite burger.

5. Fajita Fiesta

If you love the sizzle of fresh fajitas, then your outdoor gas griddle is your perfect cooking companion. Since the peppers, onions, and sliced meat can easily fall through the grates on a gas grill, it’s the ideal meal for the outdoor gas griddle. All of that chopping will be worth it when you hear that sizzle and bite into your spicy creation. Fajitas is another meal that can be made all at once on your gas griddle, depending on its size. Your taco night just got an upgrade!

Top Outdoor Gas Griddles

When you’re looking for an outdoor griddle, you have several options to choose from. You can select a built-in gas griddle that works perfectly if you’re already designing an outdoor kitchen. There are also top-quality gas griddles on a cart that make it portable to move where you need it. You’ll find many outdoor griddles on the market, but certain outdoor gas griddles stand out above the rest.

  • Blaze LTE Gas Griddle: A built-in gas griddle with 495 square inches of griddle surface with two high-performing 18,000 BTU U-burners. It’s built with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, so you can be confident it will last.
  • Fire Magic Echelon Gourmet Portable Gas Griddle: This portable gas griddle gives you all the high quality you expect from a Fire Magic built-in gas griddle, but on wheels. It has high-quality 304 stainless steel, dual burners with up to 40,000 BTUs, and 30″ x 18″ of griddle surface.
  • Twin Eagles Teppanyaki Griddle: The most luxurious outdoor gas griddle for your outdoor kitchen. It features two independent thermostatically-controlled burners at a combined 40,000 BTUs. It has a sleek design and 495 square inches of griddle surface.

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Cooking on a gas griddle in your outdoor kitchen or backyard is one of the most fun ways to grill. You have a variety of food options with even more recipe variations to make it your own. Our gas griddles will produce delicious meals, no matter what you choose to make. Contact our outdoor kitchen and grill experts today at (844) 234-7714 to learn more about our gas griddles. 

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