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5 Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

5 Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Each addition to your outdoor kitchen is exciting, but an outdoor pizza oven will be what gets everyone talking. It’s an outdoor kitchen appliance that can be used for just a date night at home or all your friends over for a party. No matter what your outdoor kitchen looks like, a pizza oven would make a great fit. So if you’re wondering if an outdoor pizza oven is a good investment for your outdoor kitchen, here are 5 Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven you can’t miss out.

1. Easy to use

An outdoor pizza oven is quite simple to use. It doesn’t take any particular skill or learning! Simply preheat the pizza oven, create your favorite personal-sized pizza, and then slide it into the pizza oven to cook. An outdoor pizza oven works very similarly to other cooking appliances you have, so it’s simple to add to your outdoor cooking routine!

Our gas-powered outdoor pizza ovens offer sleek and straightforward designs so you can get started cooking fast and keep your party rolling. But, of course, once you experience an outdoor pizza oven for the first time, you’ll want to cook everything in it!

2. Make more than just pizza

Even though it’s called an outdoor pizza oven, it is an oven that can cook almost anything. If you consider yourself a creative outdoor chef, then you’ll love the flexibility a gas-powered outdoor pizza oven provides. From meats to bread to desserts, you can truly get creative with your outdoor pizza oven.

Some popular foods to cook in your outdoor pizza oven include steaks, pies, lambchops, and more! What makes an outdoor pizza oven so versatile is its gas burner technology. Pizza ovens are more advanced these days, which means you get more use. It doesn’t matter if you choose a built-in or freestanding pizza oven either. Our outdoor pizza ovens are made with the best quality, allowing you to have more options when you cook.

3. A fun experience for everyone

Outdoor pizza ovens get everyone involved in dinner prep. Both young kids and adults will love making their personal pizzas with fresh toppings. Sliding each pizza into the outdoor pizza oven will be entertaining as well, especially if you have a pizza oven with gas-log flames. It’s always exciting to see the finished pizza emerge from the heat. Finally, keep the pizza oven on to whip up a delicious dessert for your crew. Maybe dessert pizzas, cobbler, or a good old-fashioned pie.

You can take the fun with outdoor pizza ovens on the road with you too. You can find outdoor pizza ovens that work perfectly for tailgating or camping. Who says you can’t have a delicious meat lover’s pizza sitting by the campfire? You will make a lifetime of memories using your outdoor pizza oven, at home or away.

4. Fast cooking time 

If you’re new to outdoor pizza ovens, you might be surprised to know the quick cooking time involved. This fast cooking time is great news for those crowded backyard parties or busy weeknights when you need dinner fast. Outdoor pizza ovens use very high heat output that cooks your pizza, or any food, consistently and quickly. 

These outdoor pizza ovens are also created with fast preheat times. It’s just enough time to get your dough ready and add sauce, cheese, plus any desired topping. From there, you can have a delicious home-cooked pizza prepared in just a few minutes. So whether you’re planning to relax outside all night or need a simple dinner cooked quickly, an outdoor pizza oven satisfies whatever need you have for the day.

5. It makes the best pizza

Saving the best benefit for last, simply put, an outdoor pizza oven makes the best pizza. There is truly no comparison with pizza you make at home. Your pizza creation from your outdoor pizza oven will rival your favorite pizzeria. How does this happen? First, it all starts with the ingredients. When you’re making a homemade pizza, you’re typically using fresh ingredients. Using quality ingredients will definitely impact the final product, but the technology of the pizza oven is what truly makes the pizza shine.

For example, the Alfresco 30″ Built-In Outdoor Pizza oven offers 456 sq inches of cooking space with a 20,000 BTU high-heat ceramic infrared hearth burner. Your pizzas are cooked on a ¾” thick ceramic slab hearth, which makes for more even cooking and intense heat. This high-quality outdoor pizza oven might just beat out your favorite pizza restaurant!

Who Wants Pizza?!

With all this talk of the advantages of an outdoor pizza oven, you’re probably ready for a family pizza night. Our team at The Outdoor Appliance Store is ready to help you find the perfect outdoor pizza oven for your budget and needs. Whether that’s a built-in pizza oven or a countertop pizza oven, we can help! Contact us today to get started. Find The Outdoor Appliance Store on Facebook and Instagram for more tips on enhancing your outdoor kitchen.