The last thing you want when grilling is to have a bunch of smoke accumulating in your lanai or back porch clouding your grilling experience. Choosing a hood for your outdoor kitchen can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. You may need to speak to a professional to help you make not only a cost efficient selection but also the right one based on the grill and features you have in your outdoor kitchen.
There are special outdoor range hoods out on the market made specifically to go above your outdoor grill of choice. Keep the following recommendations in mind when making a selection:
Venting hoods: Do you need one for your outdoor kitchen?
-Determine if your hood location needs additional modification such as enclosing a nearby opening or creating a buffer to the outside elements.
-Having a powerful fan is very important, so we usually recommend nothing lower than 1200 CFM.
-The hood should be larger than the grill you’ve chosen to be able to “catch” the smoke a little easier.
-Be sure to follow the manufacturer recommendations on proper venting size.

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