Imagine throwing a bunch of chicken wings on the grill and walking away for 55 minutes. On most gas or charcoal grills, you would come back to a burnt up mess. On these new pellet grills, however, you would have mouthwatering perfect wings every time. One touch temperature control maintains perfect temperature by feeding natural wood pellets as needed to maintain temperature. The natural wood pellets are automatically ignited after they are fed into a burn chamber. The convection system has a dual fan that fuels the fire with oxygen to evenly distribute the heat throughout the pellet grill. These pellet grills have
These outdoor pellet grills have an extremely versatile temperature range (most are 150-550 degree’s Fahrenheit). Basically, you can roast, smoke, bake, braise, and even sear on these pellet grills. They have the ability to function as an everyday grill, while infusing your cooking with a delicious smoky flavor.

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