Have you ever wondered why steakhouses serve up such good steak? Steaks are easy to cook, right? Sear zones are the new rage in grilling and can give you that restaurant flavor in your meat. We receive questions about them all the time. A sear zone is a zone of the grill or burner that has an infrared burner in it. These burners are typically made of ceramic and can give off some serious heat. Some reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit in under 5 minutes! The purpose of this is to sear meats, fish, or veggies quickly giving them that crusty finish that top restaurants cook up. This also seals in all of the juices and marinates giving your guests incredible food and making you look like the next top chef. Most luxury grill companies offer this as an attachment or option when buying outdoor gas grills. if you’re looking for that steakhouse taste, an outdoor sear zone is the way to go!

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